Secrets and Lies

Sydnee, Noelle, Sophia and Chelsea. 4 best friends with the same secret that just keeps getting bigger.
With crumbling relationships and the stresses of being a teenager, will this secret remain a secret or will a web of lies hide it for as long as it possibly can?
(Just a forewarning, this story may drag on for loads and loads of chapters or the chapters will be really long so sorry for impatient readers:) )


15. More babies for more moms

A month after Chelsea delivered Aubree, Sydnee went into early labour and delivered Brixton Daniel and Melodie Rose Winters via c-section on 14th July both of them weighing exactly 6lbs. 

Noelle had given birth to her and Chris' daughter, Arabella Rose Brighton a week after  Sydnee on 22nd July, her being the last of the Vermillion four to deliver,  and she weighed just under 7lbs and this baby meant a change of heart for Kim and Chris' parents. 

Sophia had her daughter, Nova Skye on 4th July with Carlos and her mom by her side and that meant the reality of being a parent for real. After carrying their children for 9 months, would they adjust to parenthood or would their childish selves take over. 

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