Secrets and Lies

Sydnee, Noelle, Sophia and Chelsea. 4 best friends with the same secret that just keeps getting bigger.
With crumbling relationships and the stresses of being a teenager, will this secret remain a secret or will a web of lies hide it for as long as it possibly can?
(Just a forewarning, this story may drag on for loads and loads of chapters or the chapters will be really long so sorry for impatient readers:) )


12. Keeps Getting Bigger

With Chelsea approaching the 6 month mark in her pregnancy, Sydnee and Sophia being 5 weeks being 19 and having their gender scans if they found out and Noelle being 21 weeks and knowing the gender like Chelsea, the signs of their pregnancies were very clear tp the rest of the school. Chelsea had already had one of Aidan's exes ask her and she had p deny and the other three had heard the whispers and about the rumours being spread about them. 

It was the end of February and they all still had another 6 months left until finals and the births of their children. Chelsea and Aidan were having a girl who they were naming Aubree Madelyn and Noelle and Chris were also expecting a girl but they hadn't decided on a name yet. With Sydnee getting even bigger and not being a far along, she had the secret stuck inside that she was having twins and that her dad would hate her even more for keeping two babies. 

"So Syd,how far along are you again?" Chelsea asked. "19 weeks, gender scam tommorow cos I'm actually finding out. Why?" Sydnee asked. "Your pretty big considering your 5 weeks behind me." Chelsea said. "I kinda have a secret about that..." Sydnee sighed. "Its not two is it?" Noelle yelled. "Shush! Don't tell anyone else!" She shouted. "Congrats Sydnee, you'll never need anymore kids!" Sophia joked. "Mom and dad don't know yet, only me and Danny and you guys now so if you tell anyone I'll kill you. " Sydnee yelled before the bell sounded for classes. 

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