She Looks So Perfect...

Ariana is a brave, beautiful and popular girl. Mahone and Hemmings are soon fighting over her. But what will happen after a dramatic accident which causes shock and horror...?


2. School Life...(bleugh!)

It's not like I hate school or something! I love school. Only sad that dittos (talking to YOU, Luke Hemmings) seem to ruin the mood of me going. Today, I don't feel like doing anything! (What a coincidence!!!) So I dressed in a shirt which showed half of my stomach. It was black and had silver writing saying YOLO across it. Then I wore ripped black skinny jeans (I am SO obsessed with black!) with a chain hanging across the sides. With that I wore a beanie (again-black!) and ended the touch with black smokey eyes and pink lipgloss. So I barely put any effort in at all (HA!) Just then, I heard a knock on the door. "Come in!" I said in a jolly tone. It was Mum. "Yes how may I help you, Dr. Grande?" I said cheekily. Yep, my mum is a doc and my dad is an engineer. So basically I live a brats life."Just bought a beautiful cup of tea for my beautiful daughter!" she said smothering me in hugs. I love my family I really do! I do't know what I would do without them... Hard to imagine, don't you think? "Anyways mum, I'm getting late for school, see ya!" I gave her a final hug and kiss before flouncing off downstairs to greet dad and say bye. After I did that, I drive off in my white lamoguini (SUCKERS-joke take it easy!!! ;)) Entering the school in a confident manner, a few wolf whistles blew my way. But nothing new, so I carried on. I put my locker number in when I saw Selena Gomez, my bestie, walk my way. (Remember- no one is famous yet!) She wants to be a singer, and I know she will succeed, and so do I wanna become a singer! Notice the sameness? After having a girly chat, she walked off with Justin Beiber, her boyfriend. As I saw them flounce off I felt jealous. Suddenly I felt my locker push close and came face to face with the heartthrob (where on Planet Loner?! I hear you say? Yep!) and only Lucas AKA Luke. "Hey pretty babe!" he said, biting his lip ring. He thought himself as a big deal didn't he? Well, I couldn't let the poor boy land in such a misunderstanding, could I? "Hey monkey face!" I said meeting eye to eye with Luke and raising my brows. It was hard not to get lost in them, but I did my best and looked away. "Tryna not get lost in my blue eyes huh?" It was like he was an x ray and knew every one of my secrets-no matter how much they hide. "Look, Ari, babe you and I both like each other so let's date! No point in wasting time over these looney tunes!"

"Luke! There are TWO points! 1) by the end if the month I would be heart broken and pregnant with your baby! And 2) I would never date a douche bag like you in a million years!"

"How 'bout in a million and one years?!"

"We won't be alive by then!"

"Then why'd ya say that?"

"There's sommin' called an expr-" Our squabble was interrupted by a 'ahem' nearby. "Oh, hello!" I said in a flirty tone. "Hiya! Um actually am looking for the office. I am the new kid who has arrived from New York! I need someone to assist me there. Would you mind?" He asked me. OMG he was so cute!!! "Name?" I asked him in husky tone." Mahone. Austin Mahone. And you are...?" He asked, reaching for my hand and kissing it. I heard a scoff from behind. Luke looked jealous!

"Grande. Ariana Grande." A smile transferred on both our faces. After I took him to the office, we realised we had almost every lesson together! Gym, Literacy, Maths, Science! Wow, we were gonna bond, OR WHAT?! Unfortunately Luke was in most of them too. Gym, Maths and Literacy. Bad, I know!!!

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