She Looks So Perfect...

Ariana is a brave, beautiful and popular girl. Mahone and Hemmings are soon fighting over her. But what will happen after a dramatic accident which causes shock and horror...?


3. Lessons with a Mahone...


I changed into my gym clothes and today we were gonna play netball! Yay!!! They asked us to get in a pair and me and Selena knew we were gonna! We were then a asked to pair up against another team, so I knew Luke was coming my way. So I looked around for Mahone. Easy! Oh uh!!! x1000! It was Hemming and Mahone!! Mahone came up to us and said; "bring it on"

" Alright, you asked for it!" Selena said. Oh the fool!

But some sparks flew in me and Mahone's play. Whilst playing, I accidentally toppled onto Austin causing me to blush and him to smile, Selena to laugh and Luke very angry. After a while a very jealous Luke made me trip and caught me, trying to make it as if he was my hero?(HA!) "Luke, no matter how much you try, you can never force me to like you!" I said, scoffing... Could I be more wrong...?

Austin POV:

Ariana was beautiful. The moment I saw her in the hallway, it hit to me that she was the one... Who I was waiting for nearly my whole life. Her contagious laughter, her beautiful dimples, those mysterious eyes which held a special secret- she's the one. Luke was very jealous during our lessons be'coz apparently me and my princess were bonding too much for his liking. Well too bad... he should have tried to woo her when he had the chances I.e: almost 9 years. But I called dibs on her now, and she was my only. I swear if Luke even set eyes on her he would not be alive to see New Years Eve....

Luke's POV:

When Ari fell on top of Austin, my eyes were just about to be popped out of my head. Today be'coz of the adorable conversation we had, I could have wooed her into liking me. But just at the time I was about to kiss her (yeah, you heard it right!) that jealous freak had to butt in didn't he?!* God he did seem hot for girls- his strong manly musky perfume and chocolate brown eyes and he has the most amazing hair ever! The girl I had been crushing on since her first day at school was today going to be wooed by some guy freak she's only known for like 3 hours or so. For all I know he could be a womanizer or a two timing bitch!!!

Ari's POV:

Oh God! I think I am in love with Aus- WHOA SLOW DOWN ARI!!!!! Love- with a guy you have only known for 3 hours or so. For all I know, he could be an axe winding maniacal serial killer! Just as I grabbed my lunch plate to go sit with Selena, Austin, Becky and the others, I heard a beautiful voice of a male singing from the music room. I put my tray down and saw a note saying read me. Well DUH! I thought. Here's what it said:

If you are Ariana Grande, the most beautiful girl in the world, come in!

I was blushing so hard when I read this. I walked in the music room and saw it adorned with flowers and fairy lights!!! OMG! I thought. I walked inside the room and saw Mahone dressed in a suit and tie, with a guitar in his hands. I felt truly special! He sang an acoustic version of his made up song

When I saw her walking down the street

She looked so fine I just had to speak

I asked her name but she turned away

As she walked all that I could say was:

Mmm mmm yeah yeah

Mmm mmm yeah yeah

Mmm mmm yeah yeah

All that I could say was.....

Then he started another one of his fantastic songs. I truly now know that I DO like Austin! OMG!!!!!

Till I find you

Every minute I'm without you

I lose

Cuz an angel touched my heart and took

My cool

Every second burns like fire

I'm blue

What I'm gonna do

Till I find you....

Tell me am I tripping

Still thinking bout the way you move

Tell me am I crazy

Will I ever ever...

And he repeated the chorus once again. I went and hugged him sooo hard. I can't believe he was mine! I could feel a pair of eyes on us, but I did not care. Anyone could watch us! I wanted everyone to know Austin was mine!!!!!!

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