She Looks So Perfect...

Ariana is a brave, beautiful and popular girl. Mahone and Hemmings are soon fighting over her. But what will happen after a dramatic accident which causes shock and horror...?



Luke's POV:

I followed Ariana around so at a sane time I could tell her how much I love her. At lunch she went to the music room adorned in Flowers and fairy lights. Who did that? I thought. Austin started singing and she went and hugged Austin so hard he almost toppled, but he had this idiotic smile on his face. He leant in for a kiss! A kiss!!! 'Please!' I thought 'If my love is true for Ari, don't let them kiss please!' I thought tears brimming my eyes. Luckily Ari ducked so Mahone ended up kissing thin air. They starte laughing. I felt glad and happy, be' coz this meant Ari was mine! But I needed to do something bigger- bigger than Austin's. I knew exactly what to do and who would help me....

Ariana POV:

OMG! I cannot believe that Austin did all tho for silly old ME! Just a he was about to kiss me (uh huh! That happened!) I pulled a way and whispered "We have to get to know each other first!", I could see he was upset but he made sad puppy dog eyes to cover it up. I heard footsteps walk away and by now I was sure someone was watching us. 'Whateva!" I whispered and walked out hand in hand with Austin.

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