She Looks So Perfect...

Ariana is a brave, beautiful and popular girl. Mahone and Hemmings are soon fighting over her. But what will happen after a dramatic accident which causes shock and horror...?


5. Another Suprise:

I woke up next morning: Friday! I did all morning necessaries (shower, brush my teeth, cream, wash face etc) and ended up picking a strapless shirt, skinny jeans, the most hottest ankle high heel boots ever, a feather hairband and ended my look with smokey eye, mascara, pink lipgloss and a Nine West handbag! Nice! I thought to myself!

School Time:

Lunch break....

"Ari! OMG Luke has set up a BIG thing for... Oh wait I can't tell! JUST COME ALREADY!", screeched Bree, one of my friends. Well, she's those type of friends that no-one real wants around... But we can't say in case it hurts her feelings.

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