"I listened to the vibration of his voice as I laid on his chest. As he sang to me I knew I was falling completely in love with him....and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it."


1. SnowBird

"Put that damn phone down when I'm talking to you!" My dad yelled at me from the front of the car. Of course I listened but when he wasn't looking I rolled my eyes and my little sister giggled.

 I mean what does he expect me to do on a 3 hour drive? "You're only here for a little while so can please have a conversation for just 10 minutes?" My dad asked angrily. He did have a point. I was only home from college for christmas break.

 I looked out the window and saw a sign reading "Welcome to SnowBird." Every year for as long as I can remember my parents drag me and my sister to SnowBird, a ski resort in Utah. Its tradation.. I didn't want to be there and my parents knew it, but I put on a smile for my sister. It wasn't as bad as usual either cause they let me bring my best friend Violet along this year!

We arrived and got unpacked and into our snow suits. Violet and I went on our own to the first slope we saw. "I will race you down to the bottom!' Violet yelled and down she went! I pushed off and flew down the mountain after Violet. I finally caught up to her and as I did we made eye contact and started laughing. Violet turned away then suddenly yelled " Berlynn, watch out!!!!"

I turned my head to see a tall figure approaching me. I tried to slow down the best I could but it was to late! I flew into the air and onto the man. "BANG!" Our bodies collied and so did our skis. They were intertwined and i finally unclipped mine and got my feet free.

"I am so sorry!! Let me help you up!" I said reaching my hand out for his. The man looked up and started laughing. He had a crooked, white smile. The kind of smile that made you want to smile. At the end of his smile was one dimple. He took off his googles revealing beautiful green eyes. He then took off his beanie showing his long, curly, brown hair..My heart sank as I knew all too well who this beautiful boy was. It was Harry Styles.



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