The Place You and I Share

Anastasia and Jordan are perfect.
They create together and love each other.
They're too perfect.
He's madly in love with her.
She's guilty with the secret
she's keeping from him.
But they're still perfect.
One day, they'll figure it all out.
(Spotify playlist with all the songs from the book has the same title as the book, just search it up)


4. On Your Car's Hood

Right before we put in a movie my mobile rings and it's Joyanne.

"Anastasia and Jordan, right?" She asks.

"Yep that's us" I reply.

"Well you two sound pretty great to me, so I'm gonna say yes. You can have a room!" She says gleefully.

"We got a room!" I whisper excitedly to Jordan. He smiles wide and picks me up by the hips and spins me and it makes me giggle.

"Thank you so much miss Joyanne, we'll be over later today with our stuff" I say.

"Alright, thank you" she says.

"No, thank you" I reply and hang up.

Me and Jordan collect a box full of things from his apartment that we can use to hang up his prints or my old jewellery and canvases.

We drive back to my apartment gleefully, listening to Jordan's upbeat playlist that we were listening to in the morning, Giants by Bear Hands playing through the speakers loud as it can go.

"Okay let's load all of your things in my car and then we can go get some more stuff from the store to display our items!" He says happily and it makes me roll my eyes in endearment.

So we get into my apartment and grab all my stuff and put it in his car and go to the closest home supply store.

When we walk in we sit down at one of the display couches and make a list of things that we might need.

Wall hooks.

An earring board.

A bracelet display.

Clothes pins.

Card stock paper.

And, a couch.

Jordan grabs a small basket for all the small stuff, the wall hooks, clothes pins, and card stock paper. We find the coolest looking earring board, a tree, about one foot tall made out of cork that comes from wine bottles. It's surprisingly not too pricey and I promise myself that we'd pay it back when we sell stuff.

The bracelets display was harder to find, we found a pole and decided to get extra clothes pins and to tie the clothes pins to the pole and clip the bracelets up on the clothes pins.

The last thing we look for is the couch, and all of them are so expensive here that I debate bringing the one in my apartment. "I'll just ask grandad if he's got anything he'd like to get rid of, you know, old people always trying to give everything away because they know they're gonna die soon" he says sadly and I nod, understanding.

He calls his grandparents later and his grandad is more than willing to give us their cute hippie couch, and I smile, loving how this is all coming together.

We take all the supplies over to Joyanne's and leave it in the car so we can go in and talk to her first.

We go inside and she greets us and takes us upstairs to the room that is now ours and it makes both me and Jordan so excited.

"Thank you so much Joyanne, if you want to stop by later and see what we've got feel free and please don't hesitate!" I say as she prepares to leave. "You're more than welcome, and of course, I'll stop by later, have fun you two" she says and exits.

"You ready, kid?" I ask Jordan and he smiles wide, the kind of smile where all his teeth show and he gets little crinkles around his eyes, and it makes me hopeful.

"Well then let's go" I begin, and happily march out to the car and grab as many things as I can carry.

We make it in a few trips and after everything, sans the couch that we have yet to pick up, is inside we put music on and start to set up.

We tack string onto the maroon wall and slide clothes pins on it, using it to hang Jordan's Polaroids. On the opposing wall we hang all my canvases with tacks.

After a lot of pondering, we decide to hang up our drawings on the brown wall, with the same string and clothespin method.

The bar gets hung in the corner, on contrasting walls, and me and Jordan sing along to Dangerous by Big Data as we tie strings to the clothes pins.

After we slide the clothes pins on the bar and hang it in the corner we clip bracelets to each clothes pin and it ends up looking really cute.

"Wow, we really need a lamp" Jordan states. "Very true" I say. "Oh! And a sign for our door!" I exclaim. "Yeah, what are we gonna call this place?" He asks.

"...Good question" I say, trying to think about it. "Hmm" he adds, also thinking.

"We could do something lame like "A & J's" or "Stasia and Jord's" Jordan says and laughs, and I laugh at the first one, but oddly admire the second one. "Stasia and Jord's is pretty cool, but we have time to think about it" I say and he nods.

We go back to hanging things; wall hooks go up next, and we hang some of the necklaces I made a long time ago.

Jordan sets up the cork earring tree while singing along to Something I Need by OneRepublic and I glance at him with a smile, only on the other side of the room but completely in his own world, singing to himself and piecing together the tree.

"How come you didn't bring your sculptures?" I randomly ask. "Well because I'm not really confident with them and if I'm not confident with them they shouldn't be here to make our little store look bad" he replies. "Oh, I see. Well I think they're really cute or really cool, I don't know why you wouldn't want to bring them, maybe just bring a few and we'll try it out?" I ask. "Okay" he says and nods.

After Jordan is done building the cork tree I start putting earrings in it. As I push the variety of earrings into the tree, I think about his cute little sculptures, cream clay figurines, only about five inches tall, slid or built onto a metal pole sticking out of a 4x4 inch block. He has all sorts: a lion, an owl, a teddy bear, multiple breeds of dogs and cats, and other stuff too like a microphone, a guitar, a hand, a ballerina, and a rocket. I love each and every one of those and the time he puts into them; the precision in his hands and the focus he has as he forms all the little pieces and parts and balances them perfectly on the block of wood. Some of them I admire bare, but I think a few would look even more amazing painted.

"Hey, why don't you maybe paint some of them and it might boost your confidence?" I ask. "Yeah? You know actually that's a good idea, I will paint some of them and I'll bring them later, and we can put them on this wood table" he affirms and points to the wood table leaned against the maroon wall. I nod and go back to sticking earrings in the tree.

"Oh and you could also sell your EP's after you're done recording them" he states.

Soon we're done with setting all the products up and we both stand there just staring at the room for a minute. "There's something missing" I say. "Yeah, duh, the couch" Jordan says to me dumbly. "No, not that you idiot" I tease. "Like, decoration, some colour, life, glam" I supply and he rolls his eyes in endearment. "Well that's all on you" he says and smirks.

I take matters into my own hands, muttering "you're no help" under my breath, even though he very much is. I grab tacks and string and go from one end of the room to the other, putting up a long piece of string across the room but just above head hitting height. I grab a cardstock piece of paper and fold, fold, fold, fold, and fold, till I've got a paper crane and then use tape to hang it up on the string.

"Cute" he says and nods at it. "Yep, now, we're gonna get more colourful paper and fill this whole string and maybe more" I say, putting emphasis on the we.

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