The Place You and I Share

Anastasia and Jordan are perfect.
They create together and love each other.
They're too perfect.
He's madly in love with her.
She's guilty with the secret
she's keeping from him.
But they're still perfect.
One day, they'll figure it all out.
(Spotify playlist with all the songs from the book has the same title as the book, just search it up)


8. On the Train

When we arrive she asks if we can look at other shops from on the main board and I take her around all the different shops because I want to make her as happy as possible. 

"These smell beautiful Ana, I think I'll get one for your father because he'd like it" she says and picks up a candle from the shelf of the candle shop we're in. I lean over and smell it and smile; admiring my mom paying attention to what my dad likes and doesn't, and it makes me think about how I'm like that with Jordan, how I inherited that from my mom; thoughtfulness. 

We spend two more hours all throughout the mansion and my mom telling the different shop owners how beautiful or well made their items are and she even buys a few things, and it's nice. The last shop I take her to is mine and Jordan's, and by far her reaction in our store is my favourite. 

When she walks in she gasps and I hear Jordan get up from the wooden seats and rush over to greet me and my mom. Mom stares in amazement all around the room; her eyes sparkling from the Christmas string lights and casting different colours on the rest of her body. Ironically, Handmade by Alt-J plays from a little Bluetooth speaker and I admire Jordan's effort but it's just not loud enough. I look back at my mom and she smiles wide. "This is beautiful kids" she says, quiet and slowly as if she says it too loud someone might hear. "Thank you mom" I say and she starts to look at all the prints on the table closest to the door. 

"Jordan you took these?" She asks. "Yes miss M" he says with a wide smile on his face. We share a glance across the room, his a pitiful smile admiring how dainty and generous with compliments my mom is. 

All around the room she comments here and there about how cute this room is or how much she loves our different types of art and that we should stay in our classes cause they're doing us good, and it's all just so nice, I don't know how I ended up with such a supportive mom. 

She ends up buying a few things and Jordan tells me that a few other people came in today and bought stuff too and that makes me so happy. 

"Ready to go home mom?" I ask as Jordan puts her things in a bag. "And leave this Neverland? No, I think I'll stay here on the couch, thank you very much" she says in a sassy tone and Jordan and I both laugh. "C'mon mom, dad would miss you, let's go home" I say and I know that will convince her. "Oh yes, I almost forgot, I bought him things and I want to give them to him" she says. "That's the spirit" I say and she laughs. "Alright well thank you for bringing me here, 'twas lovely to see you Jordan" she says and hugs Jordan. "Shall we?" She asks and motions to the door. "We shall" I say and walk out the door. When she's out the door I run back and give Jordan a big kiss and leave him smiling like a lunatic and maybe I'm smiling big too. 

"Darling, you home?" My dad calls from the den. "Yes honey, Ana and I had a wonderful day. She gave me a lot of info and did my makeup and took me to her and her boys store, it was a magical place" she says and I smile again like a geek. She waves a hand of dismissal as I try to protest about how it's not all that wonderful but me and her both know it is pretty freaking great. My mobile buzzes in my pocket and I count the buzzes till I know it's Jordan texting me, and I pull it out to check it. 

A system of rhythmical physical movements to music, used to teach an understanding of music or physical therapy- 

The message says. There's a name for what Jordan wants me to do. Eurythmics. I am intimidated by the idea of dancing in front of people and painting in front of people, two things I just don't feel comfortable with doing, but I consider the idea that I could charge a lot of money for it so I can help my parents for any medical bills they will have to pay in the next few months or however long it takes for my mom to heal. I do not want to pay for a funeral. 

Me and mom go into the den and my mom proudly shows off the items she successfully purchased and explains in full detail about the different shops she got the items from and what else they sold, and generally how neatly decorated the shop was; all things that are irrelevant, but are apparently very important to her. 

"And I got this candle for you" she says finally and hands him the candle. He sniffs it and smiles and it causes her to smile too. "Oh and honey you should have seen Ana and Jord's shop! It is nothing short of marvellous!" She exclaims. "Mom, enough about my shop, tell dad something more important like how your day was" I say, getting slightly annoyed that she keeps bragging about how much she loves our shop. It's nice to get compliments, especially from your own mom, but constantly talking about it and using large and dramatic adjectives to explain gets really tiring. 

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