The Place You and I Share

Anastasia and Jordan are perfect.
They create together and love each other.
They're too perfect.
He's madly in love with her.
She's guilty with the secret
she's keeping from him.
But they're still perfect.
One day, they'll figure it all out.
(Spotify playlist with all the songs from the book has the same title as the book, just search it up)


6. In the Library

We drive to Joyanne's and people smile at us as we walk past with the couch and after we place it right where we want it Jordan goes back out to get the Christmas lights, cute recycled rugs we bought that match the couch and the tall folding chairs for behind the counter. 

"Testing it out?" Jordan asks as he walks in and sees me on the couch. "I reckon" I say and he grins. 

He puts the Christmas lights on the wood table, opens the tall folding chairs behind the counter and motions for me to move my feet to put the rugs under my feet in front of the couch. 

"We need just one more thing besides my statues" he states as he sits down next to me. "What?" I ask. "Speakers" he declares. "Picture this..." He says and puts an arm around my shoulder "state of the art, surround sound in all corners of this room" he says, and does the 'big picture' gesture. "Sounds good to me" I say and lean into his chest. 

We sit for awhile, admiring the room as Ink by Coldplay plays through Jordan's mobile and, yeah, we need speakers around this place cause it's way too quiet.

"This is a cute little establishment" Joyanne says and she comes in later to see what we've done. "Thank you! We've still gotta hang the Christmas lights but otherwise we're done!" I exclaim and she nods. "It's cute in here, I hope you enjoy your time and you sell all your items" she says dully and walks out. "Interesting" Jordan says and I raise an eyebrow and nod. 

"Hmm. Whatever" I say and decide to ignore it. I go over to the table and unwrap the Christmas lights; Jordan grabbing them and helping me with them without question or hesitation. 

We use some of the lights to put in the spiderweb for some light from the ceiling, and use the rest of the lights on the table tops and hung on the walls. 

When I leave I see a sign hanging outside our door that says "Stasia and Jord's" and Jordan smiles wide. "I made it last night, and it's black board so we can erase it any time" he says and I hug him. "No it's cute, I love it, thank you" I say and he nods. 

He drives me home and kisses my forehead before he leaves to go back to his apartment and I decide to lay on the couch and watch a film before I go to bed because I still have three hours. 

But, it doesn't work like that. I wake up on the couch an hour before my class, panicking that I missed my class. Not showering for lack of time I quickly pull on black skinnies that are on my closet floor, a dark purple hoodie and purple converse high tops. 

I eat a yoghurt quickly and grab a black bandana to tie my hair up as I walk out the door. 

The commute to class goes quick because my music, songs from Lana Del Rey and The 1975 blasting in my car as I absentmindedly sit in traffic. 

I eventually make it to class, having to run back to my car in a panic thinking I forgot my camera but I didn't so I'm only 2 minutes late for the class.

I'm never watching television before bed on a class night ever again. What was I thinking?

I wasn't thinking. 

In this class we learn how to expose our lens enough for proper sun flare and I already kind of knew this too because of Jordan teaching me. Sometimes I think I should just tell my parents to spend their money on summat else and let me drop out of this class cause I know it all. 

Or maybe I could take a different class. I'll talk to Jordan about it later. 

After class i go straight to our shop and smile wide as I plug in all the Christmas lights and illuminate the entire room. I text Jordan to tell him I'm here and then put the "open" sign on our door. 

A few people come in, but no one buys anything. 

'Maybe because there's no price tags' I think to myself and text Jordan to get price tags on his way here. 

When he gets here he nicely sets up his statues on the wood table and walks over to sit next to me behind the counter. 

"Ah yes, price tags" I say as he hands me the packet. "But we still need speakers" he replies and I nod. 

We go around the room humming along to She Way Out by The1975 and sticking price tags on everything and writing prices on them. 

After everything has prices on them we sit back down behind the counter. 

"I'm thinking about quitting my photography class, and maybe signing up for a new class" I tell Jordan. "Why quit?" He asks. "Well, I have this photographer boyfriend" I say in a over-exaggerated girly tone. "Your point is?" He asks. "You've basically taught me everything that the lessons are about so I feel like I don't need to go because I already know all this stuff, like today we learned how to perfect sun flare, babe, you taught me that two years ago" I explain and he nods. "Maybe just go to a more advanced class" he suggests. "Or I could start my own class, teaching guitar" I say. "Yeah, but when would you have time for that, we've got this place now" he says and waves his hands around the room. 

"True" I reply and tap my foot on the floor as we wait for people to come. 

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