The Place You and I Share

Anastasia and Jordan are perfect.
They create together and love each other.
They're too perfect.
He's madly in love with her.
She's guilty with the secret
she's keeping from him.
But they're still perfect.
One day, they'll figure it all out.
(Spotify playlist with all the songs from the book has the same title as the book, just search it up)


1. In a Tree

Charlie Brown by Coldplay plays through my speakers as I half dance, half paint, in my breezy studio apartment at the top floor of my apartment building.

I stick my paint brush behind my ear and wave my arms around and slide across the floor to Chris Martin's falsetto.

The scent of the daisies on my balcony comes blowing in with the breeze and I get lost in the moment with my dancing.

I go back to my canvas and streak light shades of purples, blues and pinks. The colours mix and it looks like a pasty pastel sky. I continue dancing and humming along with the song while still painting.

A knock comes from my apartment door and I wonder who it is. I walk over to the door and open it to see my boyfriend, puzzled why he knocked. "Flowers and chocolates" he says happily, revealing the items from behind his back and giving me a big kiss on the cheek. "Awh thanks, what's all this for Jord?" I ask. "Well yesterday was Valentines day, and I know you don't like that holiday, so I figured I'd still get you all the candy and cute stuff the day after because it's all on sale anyway babe" he says. I nod, smiling that I forgot the holiday and loving how easy it was to dodge a holiday I despised. "That was very nice of you" I say and get on my tiptoes to kiss his cheek. He grabs a vase and places the flowers in them and fills it with water, placing in on the counter next to my canvas.

My mobile plays Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men and it drags me right back to the canvas.

Jordan steps aside and let's me just work and I love him so much for that, leaving me alone while I'm in my element.

As the song finishes I hear a shutter sound and turn around to see that Jordan had been taking pictures the whole time. I laugh and throw a tissue with paint on it at him and he catches it and throws it back. When he comes over he dips the tips of his fingers in the colours I'm using and I wait as he takes his time to streak them over my face and says "war paint" and then moves me by the window to take more pictures.

We're a weird couple but I love him with all my heart because of how compatible we are.

He's into photography and art, I'm into art and music. I model for him, standing still when he says not to move or getting into certain positions and posed for him to take pictures and let him paint on me, and he will sit for hours and watch me paint or let me paint a picture of him and he even let me design a few of his tattoos.

The only problem with us is that we're too perfect.

It sounds biased and conceited, I know, but there's a reason we work together so well.

I haven't told anyone and I never will.

Yes, we grew up together, I know everything about this boy, he knows everything about me, we've spent every minute with each other.


I gave him a love potion.

He was the perfect boy, I needed him. We have been best friends since birth but then Kelsey had to come into the picture.

Kelsey was the prettiest girl, she had it all, and despite the strong bond me and Jordan had, Kelsey was prettier and she wasn't Jordan's best friend.

What was I suppose to do? He thought of me as a friend, and I could not, not, never just be friends with him. He's too beautiful and strong and artistically perfect and I know everything about him, I couldn't just let her take him, so I had to poison him.

The old man in the mall just saw the look on my face and asked what boy troubles I had. From there on he gave me advice and even slipped me a potion in the back room of his make-shift antique shop

I went with Jordan to a giant house party that night, and when he wasn't looking I slipped it into his beer. Later that night he asked me to be his girlfriend and I had known that potion worked. I went back to thank the old man but he was gone.

I still feel guilty, sure, but I'll never tell him because sometimes when you love people you keep things from them and it's not like he would stop loving me because the potion said forever.

"Babe what are you thinking about?" Jordan asks me, snapping me back into reality. "Nothing, nothing" I say and wait for the next song to start playing.

Intro by The XX starts to play and Jordan hands me the thin bristled brush and my hand dives straight for the white to outline certain colours for the clouds. He guides his hand and points to different things for me to fix without a word and I can't handle how beautiful we work but I can't help feeling guilty because he's forced to love me.

"Baby girl, I can tell you're stressed, can we please go get coffee or summat please?" He breaks the silence and asks. "Sorry, yeah, let's go bear boy" I say and drop my paint brushes in my rinse water. He puts his arm around my shoulder and kisses my temple as we walk out of my apartment, leaving our phones so we can get disconnected. He still keeps his camera on his neck, so I run quickly into my room and grab my acoustic that is in my gig bag. He smiles when he sees my guitar and he puts his hand around my shoulder again as we walk out, locking the door behind us.

We take the stairs, racing down them and making a loud noise but not caring what anyone else thinks. When we get to the bottom he takes off his green flannel off and ties it around his waist. The black t-shirt he has underneath is my favourite on him and he definitely did that on purpose.

We walk out of my building and he keeps his hand around my shoulder the whole time, not knowing how reassuring that feels.

"I love you" he whispers. "Love you too bear boy" I say and he smiles wide. We walk to the coffee shop I used to barista at before I quit so I could focus on my art and music.

"Stasia" Mary greets with a smile as we walk in. "Mary" I reply and give her a hug behind the counter. "How have your recent pieces been going?" She asks kindly. "Really well with both, just sold two art pieces to a custom order and finished a new song that just got added to my EP" I reply and she smiles wide. "Let me know as soon as that EP is out, I'll be the first one to buy it" she begs and It endears me. "Thank you Mary" I say. "Oh, honey, your painting in my house is still a hit" she says and it endears me. "Since my nephew Jason's birthday was a week ago we had a party at my house and everyone complimented me on my beautiful painting" she brags and it makes me feel so good. "Thank you Mary" I reply and she nods sweetly.

She takes our orders and gets us our coffee's and cake pops and right before we walk out the door she stops us once more.

"Hon, I have something for you" she says and pulls a brochure from her pocket. "Let me explain. This is a house that my friend owns, she sells the rooms to people who do their own art and creative inventions and such and it's like a small mall but for all homemade things! you should buy a room because she's really fair with prices and I bet you could really sell stuff there" she explains and I ponder it. "Ill look into it more later, thank you so much Mary" I say and she nods. I fold the flyer up and put it in my back pocket and walk out of the coffee shop behind Jordan.

"Hey. I want to hold your hand" Jordan says, pouty like a little kid.

I giggle and he grabs my hand and we walk down the street, towards the nature walk that we both love to go to when we're stressed or just need artistic inspiration.

"Weird question?" Jordan asks. "Yes?" I reply. "Well I was thinking you could do your art still but like earlier how you were like dancing along to the music and painting at the same time? You could like, pre sketch your paintings and get all the paints and stuff ready and then like do dances and paint" he supplies. "Interesting... What would I do this for?" I ask. "Well like, I don't know, kinda like weddings or summat I guess, like places that have a girl come in to dance for entertainment as a classy touch" he says and i understand. "Yeah that sounds fun I guess, I'm just not sure I dance all that well as much as it is waving my arms around and moving my hips" I say with a laugh. "Even like that it still looks artistic because you do it along to the music and you're painting" he defends. "I reckon so" I reply and he nods. "Do you want me to carry your guitar for you?" He asks sweetly. "No, but thank you bear boy" I say and kiss his cheek.

We walk the trail, occasionally stopping so Jordan can take a picture. I admire the way his face gets set and his forehead bunches up when he really tries to focus and snap the shot. I guess it's the same way with me when he takes pictures of me dancing, painting, singing or playing guitar, he loves how passionately I get into it.

He gets to a fallen tree and sits down, tapping the tree next to him for me to sit down. I plop next to him and he pulls me in closer to him and kisses the top of my head.

"Can you play now?" He asks. "Sure" I say and swing my gig bag off my back and unzip it to get my guitar out. I wipe the strings once and check to see if they're all tuned and then begin strumming Small Bump by Ed Sheeran.

Jordan sings with me, and his deep voice balancing out my higher voice sounds good in my opinion.

"You are my one, and only" I sing as I look up at him and he blushes.

I look back down at my guitar and keep strumming and singing and I can hear the shutter sound going off but I don't stop playing.

"You're so beautiful" he says as I finish the song. I blush hard and he strokes my cheek with his thumb.

"Oh can we go to that house and see what it's like?" I ask.

"What house?" He asks.

"This one" I reply and hand him the flyer Mary gave me.

"Oh, sweet, yeah let's go" he says and stands up, extending his hand to me and helping me up.

We gps the address and it takes us a few miles away which isn't bad, considering how unique of a place this sounds.

When we get to the address the house isn't a house, it's a mansion.

"Holy smokes" Jordan says and it makes me laugh. "P Stump over here" I tease and he blushes.

In the yard of the mansion is a giant sign that says "Joyanne's Creative Mini Mall" and i cringe at the name but proceed to walk up the steps to go inside the cherry-wood coloured house.

The door is open and a sign indicates "Welcome, Come In."

I grab Jordan's hand and pull him inside and we both immediately hear Arabella by Arctic Monkeys playing.

The first wall you see has a map painted on it with the floors and layouts so you know where each room store is and which ones are available. On the floor is arrows and the shop names pointing you to the doors of the shops down the long hallways and according to the sign I read there are 36 rooms and 5 bathrooms.

Jordan pulls me into the first store and on the door it says "Kylie's Stones."

As we walk in Arabella plays from a record player in the corner and there are vines painted on the walls, there are flowers and beads everywhere. Every surface; the walls, the counter and the floors are all wood. Five real trees about four feet tall stand in the store in pots, with all types of necklaces that have precious stones and crystals as their pendant. "Wow babe these are really nice" Jordan says and pokes a necklace with a light pink crystal. "Yeah they are" I agree as I watch the necklace swing on the branch. A girl comes from a small closet and she smiles at us.

"These are all homemade by none other than myself and my name is Kylie she says and adjusts her mustard coloured beanie on her dark red hair. The septum in her nose reflects off the sunlight and casts tiny lights on the jewellery which causes the whole room to light up and it makes her little shop so much cuter.

"I'm thinking about opening a shop, do you have any advice?" I ask. "Yeah, try to be original. There's this girl named Lasie upstairs and she copied my designs and sells them for cheaper" Kylie replies angrily. "Oh that sucks" I say and she nods.

"Well thanks Kylie, hope to see you again soon" I call out as me and Jordan walk out. "Mutual" I hear her mumble and I roll my eyes.

The next store we go into down the hall has a foot mat that says "Go Away" and it makes me laugh. I push the door open and darkness pours out of the room. I walk in and there's only minimal lighting, enough to see the products but hardly. Gothic jewellery, tall boots, leather purses, black lipstick and lace bows all decorate the walls, hung on decorative metal shelves and wall hooks. The stereotypical Evanesence playlist plays from a speaker in the corner of the shoppe where the teen girl owner sits behind the desk. "Hey, welcome to Black Ravens Homemade Accessories, I'm Raven" she says in a drab voice. "Hi I'm Anastasia and this is Jordan, we're considering getting a shop here, how do you like it?" I ask. "It's cool I guess... Nice to be able to sell the stuff I make at night when I can't sleep" she says, and another person comes in, someone she knows apparently because she stands up and a small smile pulls at her lips. "Hey Jake" she says. I motion to the door and Jordan picks up on what I'm saying and follows me out.

"That was interesting, where to next?" He states. "It was. we can go to the candle shoppe upstairs and then we can make our decision to get a shop or not" I say and he nods.

We follow to hallway, past tons of doors slightly open with signs indicating what shop they are and all the shops are playing different music and I admire that.

We walk up the stairs and read the floor and follow the purple arrow on the floor all the way to the candle shop. "Hi I'm Masi, welcome to Masi's Candles!" A cheery blonde says as we walk in. In here there are candles everywhere; as per the name, and a few are lit and it smells so good. "It smells nice. I'm Anastasia and this is Jordan, we were considering getting a shop, do you like it here and are you successful?" I ask. "Oh yes I love it here, it's great! There's a kitchen with vending machines if you're hungry, you can play what ever music you want, you can sell almost anything you want as long as it's home made and the price is fair to own a shop here!" She says gleefully and I give her credit because I sure would be exhausted from all that cheeriness.

"Wow it sounds great, what's the price for you?" I ask. "Well whatever you make in a month gets split three ways at the end of the month, one way goes to you for working and making, one way goes to new supplies, and the last way goes to Joyanne sort of like rent!" She exclaims and I nod. Sounds reasonable. "Awesome thank you, I think we will do that" I say and she nods. We walk out of the shop and into the hallway and talk it out.

"You could sell photography shoots, your prints, drawings and sculptures, and I could sell my EP's, paintings, drawings, and maybe lessons for instruments" I say. "And I could do other stuff like embroidery and jewellery" I add. "Sounds fun and that three way thing is quite the bargain" he says. I nod and ask "okay so where's the main office so we can get a shop?" I ask.

He follows the arrows on the floor and pulls me down a corridor and down the stairs and takes me into the main office.

"Hello, I'm Joyanne, have any questions?" She asks as soon as we step into the office. "Yeah actually we were wondering if we could get a shop!" I say happily. "Well I'd need you to fill out this paper and I'll call you after I go over it to see if I have an opening for whatever you're offering. You're aware everything must be homemade?" She replies. "Most definitely, and we have no problem with that" I say. "Great, well I'll get you an application and you can fill it out over in those chairs" she points to a desk across the room "and bring it back to me when you're done, and I'll call you if I have an opening, thanks for coming by!" She says and hands us the application papers and a pen.

We walk over to the table and Jordan reads the questions off and he writes them down as I answer them. "What's you're name again?" He asks me, smirking. "My name is Jordan and I'm a douche" I say in a mock manly voice. "True" he says as he writes my name in the info box.

He fills out the rest of the information, glancing at me occasionally. He fills out his also, and then when he gets to the next page he slides it to me. The page asks about the things we'll be making and selling and if our products are made of recycled and natural things, and generally someone would be bothered by this but I admire Joyanne's firm stance on this establishment being an economically aware environment.

Come to think of it, there were a lot of recycle bins in the halls and I smile to myself when I think about it.

I continue filling out both mine and Jordan's papers on what our store will be like, silently humming Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.

After I finish the documents I drop them on the desk and pull Jordan by the wrist as we walk out.

"I think she'll let us in" he says in confidence as we walk, the breeze blowing his fringe around and making me shiver slightly. He notices and takes the flannel off from around his waist and hands it to me. I smile and hastily put it on, smiling more from the scent and personality this flannel has then the warmth it's giving me.

"Thank you" I whisper and he nods.

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