The Place You and I Share

Anastasia and Jordan are perfect.
They create together and love each other.
They're too perfect.
He's madly in love with her.
She's guilty with the secret
she's keeping from him.
But they're still perfect.
One day, they'll figure it all out.
(Spotify playlist with all the songs from the book has the same title as the book, just search it up)


5. At the Park

He begrudgingly folds paper cranes with me and it makes the room so much cuter once we have a string of flying cranes. Afterwords, I stand up on a chair and put tacks randomly all over the walls above head hight and then move around the room, stringing the string tight so it's like a random spider web of coloured string above our heads. 

"Looks sweet" Jordan says. "Thanks" I say and peck his lips. "We can pick up the couch tomorrow from my granddad" he says and I nod. 

"It's sort of dark in here, we should get Christmas lights and hang them everywhere, maybe intertwine them with the spiderweb thing" he suggests. "That. Would be adorable" I say. He smiles without teeth and then exhales. "I'm tired. I'll drop you off at yours and I have classes tomorrow and you do too I think, and after our classes let's go get that couch" he says. "Alright" I say and sigh. 

Despite my tiredness, I walk out of our shop smiling, hitting the light switch as we glance around once more at our creative handiwork. 

He drives me home, singing along to I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, and a hand absentmindedly playing with a loose lock of my dark brown wavy hair. 

I kiss him before I get out, insisting that he doesn't need to walk me up to my door, because then he'd just want to sleep on my couch and we'd both end up wanting to skip our classes. Sometimes we lounge around enough to influence the other to be lame as well. 

I quickly braid my hair and shortly after, fall asleep to These Streets by Bastille, thinking about how I haven't explored these streets late at night in awhile. 

Morning comes with a loud blast of the lyrics "into a place where thoughts can bloom, into a room where it's nine in the afternoon" 
And I smile wide as I stretch. 

I get dressed for class, a coral pair of lace leggings with a black skirt and black V-neck, and unbraid my hair, automatically getting the wave I love. Quickly dashing on subtly dark makeup and my black petticoat I rush out the door, only to turn back around to grab my camera, because, idiot, why else would I go to this class, to sit there? 

I stop by the local coffee shop and get my usual, smiling into the cup of steaming, filtered liquid beans topped with whip cream and caramel sauce. 

Coffee is pretty nice. 
Life is pretty good. 

Photography class goes good as usual, this week we went back to a basic lesson about getting the proper lends glare from a sunset without ruining the angles or pictures, and how to get a silhouette. Overall I knew basically all the tips and tricks but I still paid attention. 

I text Jordan after my class is over, asking about the couch and all. 

No text comes for awhile and later he explains he was talking to a classmate about photography and got carried away.

"48,000 seas" I say to him as I roll my eyes and walk away, knowing he'll understand exactly what I'm referencing. 

After I change from my skirt and v-neck into a pair of dark leggings and a sleeveless white shirt we head outside to the truck Jordan is borrowing from Nick. 

"It's couch time" he says and picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder and tickling my sides as he slides me in the passengers seat of his roommates truck. I laugh so hard it feels like my sides will split and Jordan sways his hands in the air as Something In The Way by Nirvana plays as soon as he starts up the car. 

We drive to a rock playlist, I raise my eyebrow at some of Jordan's picks, but don't say anything. Usually his music is alternative, indie and pop punk, this rock is new stuff for me but it's a good change. 

I sound hound a few of the songs and save them for later, hoping to get into some new music. 

We get to his grandparents and his granddad greets us on the lawn. "Jordan, Anastasia, welcome" he says in that gruff, burly but welcoming voice only granddads have. "Hey granddad, how have you been?" Jordan asks as he hugs him. "We've been good, it's quiet in this neighbourhood, we've got no complaints" he says and turns to hug me. "Jordan, she's a beautiful, I hope to the Almighty you're treating her right" he says and hugs me. "Hi, darling" he says and gives me a sweet smile that reminds me of Jordan's. "Words can not express how well he treats me, and I love him to death" I say and shuffle a hand through Jordan's hair and wrap my arms around his waist. He kisses the top of my head and says, "enough about me, let's go see gran" and we walk inside to see his grandmother. 

"Gran!" Jordan says as he sees her. Her eyes fill with joy as she sees me and Jordan walk through the door and I try not to get worried with the amount of excitement she has right now because of the breathing machine she is connected to. Jordan notices also and says "gran, gran, it's okay. Take a couple breaths" and walks with me over to her. 

We both give her hugs and she keeps holding my hands. I take it as a cute gesture, and I give her props for how much she has to say but can't because of that machine, and I feel really bad. 

After we greet grab I get a good look at our new couch, and as Jordan said, it's very hippie like. All different colours of faded fabrics, probably recycled from other items, and the most interesting stitching pattern I've ever seen. It's unique but I love it. 

We stay for awhile, and it pains Jordan to see his grandma carting around that giant air tank so she can get us tea. He tries to refuse so she wouldn't have to get up, but granddad hushes him, whispering how gran has been feeling unimportant and useless lately, and how this would make her happier than receiving a puppy. Jordan obliges and we sit on the couch we will take to explain what we're doing with the couch. 

"Wow, like a homemade mall? Gran would love that" granddad says and me and Jordan both exchange a sad glance. 

Gran comes back with tea and we both make sure to thank her up and down, and make her feel useful. 

We both talk to granddad and drink our tea, and it feels nice to get to know more about Jordan's real family. The two people that really love him and took the time to raise him, while everyone else pushed him away. Sleeping With Sirens cover of Iris, originally by The Goo Goo Dolls, plays through my head for some reason as we talk to granddad. 

"Okay, kids, it's getting late, you should get this couch and go, it's much past your bed time" granddad declares and we laugh as we get off the couch, finally ready to take it to our new paradise. We give hugs to both of them and as I hug granddad he whispers "you can keep whatever change you find in the couch, dear" and it makes me chuckle and him too. 

I've always been stubborn, and as a child I was never let off to be lazy, so I have no problem lifting the other side of the couch with Jordan. As talkative and straightforward as grandad is, I never had a doubt that he'd say something about me moving the couch and he does, joking with Jordan, "J, she might even be stronger than you." Jordan blushes a bright red and tries to justify himself by moving faster. When he was a kid he wasn't ever the type of kid that would try and impress you by strength or try to scare other kids, he was never the boyish type, but he wasn't girly either. He didn't play sports like I did, he instead got into photography and art. Those aren't girly but they weren't exactly in his favour for boyish either. 

He's not weak. But he lacks the strength you get as a kid when you play sports so he's only a little bit behind me. 

I lift up my end of the couch and slide in on the edge of the flatbed and make sure it's stable with Jordan before fully letting go and hopping up on the truck to pull it up. Jordan pushes and I pull and as a team we get the adorable couch on the truck. 

As we leave I take over the aux cord on the stereo, playing my Night Drives playlist. 

"And I'm a falling star, a glimmer lighting up these cotton streets" Jordan sings and glances over at me as he drives, and I swear my heart about melts. 

"Yeah, we're so so disconnected" 
He finishes and I smile so wide. 

"Yanno, you're good at this music taste thing" I say and he grins

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