Stay By My Side

"ARRGGHH!!!" I trip and and suddenly find myself falling. I shut my eyes tight and brace myself for the impact. Huh?

When I look up, I find myself in the arms of a black-haired boy.
"Hey, watch where you're going!" He exclaims and let's go of me.
"OUCH!!" I shout when I hit the ground hard. Geez, what a jerk.

But then later...

"I don't want to let you go.."

What could he possibly want from me and what is going on?!


3. Workaholic - And Emma's Broken Heart

Buzz buzz buzz!

It's 7:00 am when my alarm clock goes off. I groan and put the pillow over my head to try and drain out the annoying sound.

Buzz buzz buzz!

I hear it go off one more time. Who invented such an annoying machine and why do I have one?... OH! THAT'S RIGHT! I HAVE SCHOOL! I jump out of bed and open the wardrobe. I take my favorite long sleeved black and white striped top from the wardrobe. I throw that on with a pair of dark denim jeans and my black jacket. I brush my long, really dark brown hair in front of the mirror. It's so dark that sometimes people mistake it for black (which really annoys me). Even Emma did that once! I really miss her... Heck - It's her fault! Ditching her two best friends for some guy! I roll my eyes. Just thinking about her like that makes me want to puke. I put on my kitten-heeled black boots and grab my bag. No Maths today!!! Yippee!! With a spring in my step, I head out the door.  

 "Sky..." Gray notices me before I do him. Huh? I never knew we were on first name basis. It's not like we'd have formalities or anything but I'd expect him to call me.. well... Nothing!

 "Oh. Good Morning, Gray," I say, flashing him a smile. He's still the jerk who dropped me yesterday but at the same time, he is my new neighbor so I'd better bite my tongue.

 "On your way to school?" He asks.

 "Yeah. I was gonna take the tube for a change," I reply.

 "Do you wanna go together?" Gray asks me.


Wait - What did he just ask me?!

 "Huh?" I say, shocked at the sudden proposal. You drop me on the floor and now you want to walk with me?! What's going on inside your weird head dude?!


Seeing my confusion, Gray quickly adds, "It's fine if you don't want to. It would just be better than walking there alone is all,"

 "I see," I say.

 "It would be a good chance to get to know each other since we're neighbors, plus..." Gray lowers his voice, "if I'm with you then hopefully all those weird girls will leave me alone..."

 "Okay, sure," I reply. It's a good chance to get to know my neighbor. Gosh Sky, why'd you think he'd ask it for any other reason? You've got all the nonsense of Emma and Katsuro stuck in your head! I can't help but scold myself in my mind. It really is true that girls want what they can't have.


We walk to the station together, chatting on the way.

 "So you used to live with your family before you came here?" I ask.

 "Yeah, it was such a pain. Lucky we found that apartment, it's easier to come to school," Gray nonchalantly answers. He looks down at me. "That top..."

 "What?" I say, unsure of what he meant.

 "It looks good on you. Better than what you usually wear, anyway,"

 "Um... Thanks..." I lower my face so he doesn't see me blush at the back-handed compliment.


I'm a little surprised at how he's been acting since we found out we were neighbors. Is he actually trying to be nice to me? Yeah, right. As we pass, I notice the glares of jealous girls everywhere. What's up with them? It's not like I'm dating him or anything, we're walking together to kill time. Ha! Gray never gets passed the locker halls unannounced. He'll just walk down normally with his hands in his pockets.

 "Did you see Gray Kagome's hair today?!"

 "I know! He always does his hair like that!" And then the girls squeal with happiness. 


I roll my eyes.

 "You're popular aren't you?" I mutter under my breath.

 "Yeah, I guess," He replies coolly. I jump in surprise at the fact that he heard me.

 "Wha- How did-?!"

 "Oh, was I not meant to answer? Sorry, I have good hearing," Gray shrugs it off with his shoulders. Okay... I guess I better watch my back from now on.


Once we get to school, we go our separate ways.

 "I've got homework to finish, so I'm gonna go to the library," Gray says.

 "Okay, bye." I reply and he sticks his hand up in response. I go into school.


At break, I'm having my lunch with Chiyo as usual.

 "WHAT?! GRAY KAGOME IS YOUR NEW NEIGHBOR?!" Chiyo stares at me in shock.

 "Hey, not so loud! Yeah, he is..." I look down.

 "You are so lucky!" Chiyo squeals.

 "No, I'm not! I wasn't lucky yesterday either! Chiyo, get real! He dropped me. He didn't help me up or ask if I was alright, he dropped me like a... a... like a Gray! Wait, what?"

Chiyo gives me a sympathetic look. "I'm being a bit too much, aren't I? Sorry... I know he dropped you yesterday. So, how did he react when you stood at the door yesterday?"

 "He was pretty shocked, thought I was stalking him to come and ask for an apology," I shrug my shoulders and Chiyo laughs.

 "That's classic!" Chiyo's smile suddenly vanishes from her face.

 "Chiyo...? What is it?" I ask.

 "Sky, behind you..." 


I turn around to see a girl crying on a bench. She has long brown hair. I know this girl.

 "Emma..." Chiyo and I come up to her and sit on either side of her. Emma looks up.

 "Chiyo...? Sky...? WAAAAAHHHH!!!" Emma starts bursting into tears again. Chiyo and I exchange worried looks as we stroke her back.

 "Emma? What happened?" I ask.

 "You can tell us anything," Chiyo adds.

Emma looks up, her hazel brown eyes full of sadness.

 "I... I saw.... Katsuro with another girl...."

Chiyo and I look at each other in shock.

 "What?..." Chiyo asks

 "Who was the girl?" I ask Emma. 

 "I-I don't know...." She stutters. Chiyo and I hug her tight.

 "Maybe it wasn't what it looks like? Have you talked to Katsuro?" I ask her. Emma shakes her head.

 "I couldn't... I haven't even seen him since,"

 "You should talk to him. Maybe you misunderstood?" Chiyo implies and I nod.

 "Do you wanna hang out with us? Like old times?" I smile at Emma and she smiles back.

 "I'd like that,"


The three of us sit together under the cherry blossom tree, chatting away just like we used to. I forgot how much fun I have when these two are with me.

 "What?! He dropped you and now you're neighbors?! And now he wanted to walk with you?!" Emma nearly drops her sandwich when I tell her what happened.

 "Yeah," I laugh.


Emma and I are partners for chemistry in fifth period.

 "OH NOOOO!" Emma shrieks when she spills the flammable liquid onto the floor. I facepalm myself and Professor. Arches comes to help us clean it up.

She wags an accusing finger at Emma, "be more careful next time, Ms. Shoji,"

 "Yes, Professor. I am very sorry," Emma says, bowing her head.


When Professor. Arches walks away, I can't help but burst into laughter.

 "Oi, what's so funny?!" Emma asks, her eyebrows furrowed and her arms crossed.

"Nothing!" I reply and start packing away.


After school, I go to work at Miss. Fashionista, the clothing shop. I actually love working there. I've never really been a big fan of fashion (I like to set my own trends) but I do like to have a look at what people are wearing nowadays. The customers are always pleasant, too.

 "Sky, take these to aisle thirteen, please," my co-worker, Chisato asks me.

 "Okay!" I reply and start hanging up the clothes.


Once I'm finished, I'm excused so I say goodbye to my co-workers. I cross the roads and start walking back to the flat. As I suspected, it's really cold. I should of brought more than a jacket with me! I'm so stupid!


I'm about an arms length away from the flat's door when my world starts swaying. My body feels cold, contrasting to my hot head. I collapse onto the floor and black out.

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