Stay By My Side

"ARRGGHH!!!" I trip and and suddenly find myself falling. I shut my eyes tight and brace myself for the impact. Huh?

When I look up, I find myself in the arms of a black-haired boy.
"Hey, watch where you're going!" He exclaims and let's go of me.
"OUCH!!" I shout when I hit the ground hard. Geez, what a jerk.

But then later...

"I don't want to let you go.."

What could he possibly want from me and what is going on?!


4. Idiot! Lemme see...

Gray's POV:

I just got back from my job and am walking home. It's been a long day and I'm so tired. I can't wait to get home and just jump on my bed! I just had a science test today... Heck, I'm not worried. Science is my best subject and I just know that I'm gonna get an A*!


As I'm walking down the road, I see a girl lying on the ground. I can only see her back. She has long brown hair that almost looks black, same as Sky's. The girl is also wearing a black and white striped top, same as Sky's... Wait a minute – Sky?!


I run over to her and bend down. Her cheeks are slightly pink. I put a hand to her temple. I was right! She has a really high fever! I gently hold her in my arms bridal style and carry her into my apartment. I carefully place Sky onto the spare bed next to my own and get the phone to call the doctor.

 "C'mon... C'mon... Pick up..." I say into the phone. I look over at Sky's flushed face and a worried expression casts upon my own. To think this was the girl I bumped into the other day, became her new neighbor and is actually trying to call a doctor for her sake. She looks really cute when she's sleeping – wait what?! Realising my thoughts makes a tiny blush cross my face.

 "This is Doctor Reeds, how can I be of service?" The voice in the phone answers.

 "I was wondering if you could help me! My..." I look at Sky once more, "Friend... Has a really high temperature and I'm not sure what to do,"

 "Hmm..." Doctor Reeds thinks for a moment. "I'll be right there,"

 "But you don't even know where I live!" I protest. I swear I can hear a slight chuckle on the other end. Hey! This isn't funny you know!

 "The line we're talking on right now has locked onto the location of your phone. I'll see you soon," the Doctor hangs up and I sigh. I sit down on my bed and look at Sky.

 "You better be okay, idiot..." I mumble and wait for the Doctor to come.


Five minutes later, there's a knock on the door. I go to answer it and am greeted by a woman in a white coat, long straight blonde hair, blue eyes and silver spectacles, holding a white medical case in her right hand.

 "Hello!" Doctor Reeds gives me a bright smile. "Where's this little friend that needs tending to?"

I point at the door leading to the bedroom and we walk inside. She gasps when she sees Sky on the bed.

 "You might of already guessed but that's her," I say.


Doctor Reeds runs over with a stethoscope in her hand and places it on Sky's chest.

 "Well?" I thump impatiently as I watch her examine Sky.

 "Tsk tsk tsk. I understand that you're worried about your girlfriend but could you please refrain from being so rude?" Doctor Reeds sits down next to Sky on the bed and wags a finger at me.

 "Fine, sorry," I mutter and cross my arms. The doctor beams brightly at me before turning her attention back to Sky. I hear the tut tut of her tongue and she fingers the clothing that clings to Sky's sweat-drenched body.

 "Could you...?" Doctor Reeds moves her left hand in a swaying position to usher me out the door. I roll my eyes and drag myself out in defeat.


I close the door and that's when it hits me. Did she call Sky my girlfriend?! What the?! I mean sure, she's a girl and my friend.... Well, I'm not even sure about her even a friend.... Ugh! I'm so frustrated with myself right now! I've been a total jerk to her, haven't I? No wonder she looked like a dumbfounded mess when I asked if she wanted to walk together today.

 "Stupid! Stupid!" I bang my head in defeat on the nearest wall. I immediately pull away when Doctor Reeds opens the door.

 "Is she okay?" I ask the blonde-haired woman. I can't tell if she had a smile or smirk on her face as she adjusts her glasses.

 "She'll be fine. She has a high fever and can't go back to school for three days," Doctor Reeds sticks three fingers up to show me before putting them down again, "I suggest she stay near someone at all times,"

 "Will I still be able to go to school and work?" I ask her. 

 She smiles, "yep! Just make sure she's not on her own for more than eight hours incase her fever plays up again. That should give you enough time to still go to school, work and run your daily errands, am I correct?"

 "Yeah, thanks," I reply as she waves and walks out the door. I go into the bedroom when I hear I slight stirring.


Sky's now wearing pink and white striped pyjamas, snuggling into the cocoon of the duvet. Her eyelids flutter open to reveal her brown pupils. When they set on me, she widens them in shock. She looks kinda cute right now... Wait, what?! Snap out of it, stupid Gray!

 "G-gray?" Sky stares at me with a dumbfounded expression. I rub the back of my head in embarrassment.

 "Hey there, Idiot..." I smirk.

Sky looks around. "Where am I?" She asks.

 "My apartment," I reply.

 "What?! Why?!" She asks in panic.

 "Geez, relax! You fainted after getting a high fever so I called a doctor. So, yeah..." I explain.

She says, "oh," before moving the duvet aside and jumping out of bed.

 "Thanks! I better go so  – WOAH!!!" Sky shrieks when she loses her balance from her weak legs and I catch her.

 "Just lie down, you goofball!" I tell her, trying to hide the blush forming on my face.

Realising the position we're in, she mutters, "you gonna drop me again?"


I'm guessing she didn't want me to hear that but I did. Wow, I really have been a jerk since Day One. Gently, I place her back on the bed, pull up the covers and sigh.

 "Sky, I'm sorry I was such a jerk about... Y'know.... Dropping you..." I whisper the last part. Apologising is really hard for me, I don't know why.

 "It's.... Okay..." Her eyes widen again when she realises I just sincerely apologised to her. I smirk triumphantly in my mind.

 "You're such an idiot for not dressing warmly in winter," I smile this time. Sky returns it.

 "And you're such a weirdo for wanting to walk together all of a sudden!" This time, we both start laughing.

 "Is it alright if we start over? As friends?" I ask, anxiously awaiting the reply.

 "Sure, why not?" Sky smiles at me.


I think we've finally got rid of that awkwardness between us. Is that a good thing? Most definitely!

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