You Lied

You lied!" He screamed, shoving my hand out of his and walking over to couch, leaving me to stand alone. "I-I know but I can explain" I pleaded "Oh really?" He sneered, "and what if I tel you I don't want your stupid explanation?" "Please you have to understand!" I said walking over to him, but he moved out of my reach. "Haz-" "Don't call me that!" He yelled "only my friends call me that and clearly you're not one." " "How could you do this to me? " His fists balled and his nostrils flared, he was looking angry and I was suddenly afraid.


Kiara, a shy, good girl decides to go to Los Angles for the summer. What could go wrong right? Well lets see, she lies to her parents and meets One Direction. She immediately starts hating one of the lads. As the summer progresses, she falls in love and things begin to go down hill. What happens when this good girl's lies finally catch up with her? Read to find out!

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2. Two- "But I Was Dreaming About Licking Taylor Lautner's Abs"


"Ooh pack this! It's cute. You've gotta let me borrow it sometime" Ashley said throwing a pair of jeans that I had totally forgotten about into my suitcase.

"Don't just throw it in there! You have to fold it first." I reprimanded as I walked over to my suitcase and took out the jeans to repack them properly. "And it doesn't even fit you. You're way taller than me."

"You're obsessed with neatness" she teased, walking over to my desk and sitting in a chair. "And so? I'll just squeeze or whatever."

"I just don't want them to be wrinkled" I explained. "And no! They'd get torn. Did you pack yet?"

"This morning because you do realize we're leaving tomorrow morning right?" She asked, walking over to my bed and plopping down.

"Yes, I do."

"Anyways I already rented our hotel room for the summer."

"I thought you were gonna let me pay with you."

"My mom paid actually."

"Oh. That was nice or her."

"Yeah. Which means, we can go on a shopping spree with the money we were gonna use for the hotel."

"Yay!" We both cheered, ecstatic about the extra money. We loved shopping.

Even though I didn't have that much I still got a couple of things once in awhile.

"Let's watch a movie while you're packing because your taking forever"She suggested.


"Do you think we'll meet any cute boys?" Ashley asked me.

We were currently watching the Avengers. I was totally digging Loki. Who cares if he's bad? TEAM Loki! Tom Hidleston is so gorgeous. I thought while mentally sighing.

Turning toward Ashley, who was currently sprawled out on my bed, leaving me absolutely no room, I shrugged.

"Could ya scoot over. You're taking up the entire space" I laughed, while gently swatting her thigh.

"Thor is so dreamy" She sighed, rolling over.

"Not even! Loki is waay better" I retorted, followed by the rolling of my eyes .

"He's evil tho."

"So? I like bad."

"But you're a goody-goody."

"Not anymore" I said sadly.

"You're sad about that?" She said incredulously.

"I lied to my mom."

"It was only once. Don't worry" She assured me with a pat on my shoulder.


"Make good choices Kiara" my mother warned me for the billionth time since we got to the airport.

"I know mom" I told her giving her a hug. My dad had already went to work, so he wasn't here.

"Don't forget to say hi to the girls for me."

"Huh?" I asked confused.

"The...triplets, whom you said would be there..?"

"Oh....oh! Uhm yeah! I will mom"

"Okay" She said sadly, tears in her eyes "bye baby, be safe."

"Don't cry mom it's only for two months." I teased hugging her.

"Okay" She sniffed.

We left her at the airport doors and walked deeper into the airport, leaving my mom behind, who was standing at the door watching us.

We had a couple of minutes left before our plane takes off so we sat on the chairs and waited. There were only a couple of people here so there was plenty of space. We were seated by the large window. I looked up at a plane taking off, watching it soar higher and higher.

Ashley pulled out a long bottle of iced tea and started drinking it.

"You know they're going to make you throw that way right?" I informed her.

"No they won't." she said closing the cap.

"They will, so give me some before they do."

"Noo it's mine."

"Give!" I said putting out my hand toward her.

"Finee" she said handing it to me and then sitting back in her seat pouting.

Once I had my fill I handed it back to her.

"Why would they take peoples drinks and food? that's so stupid." She said with her arms crossed and pouty lips like a six year old.

"I don't even know."

"Well I'm not giving up my drink" She said stubbornly, as she jutted her chin up defiantly.

"We'll see about that" I mumbled.

"Flight 124 for L.A is now boarding" A voice announced.

That was our cue. I got up and grabbed my luggage waiting for Ashley. We walked over to a metal detector. I went in first and when I was done, waited for Ashley. When she was done and about to come out, a lady stopped her.

"Ma'am, you're going to have to leave your bottle" She told her.

I laughed quietly, watching her.

"But it's just iced tea," She protested.

"Please leave it." They lady commanded.


"Come on Ashley just throw it away." I cut her off.

She walked over to the trash can and chucked the whole thing before she threw it away, then she walked over to where I was, leaving the lady stunned.

As soon as we sat down in our spots on the plane, she got up to use the bathroom. Meanwhile, I sat back in my seat and plugged in my headphones listening to music. 


The hotel we were staying at was a pretty nice one. When we got to the front desk, the lady at the desk gave Ashley and I a 'look'. She looked like she was in her late forties and hated her job and probably her life.

"Kiara Abraham and Ashley McManson please" I said politely.

"Here you go" she said handing us a set of keys and shooing us away.

"Well she was a ball of sunshine." Ashley said sarcasm dripping from her mouth.

"Yeah." I agreed following her into the elevator. Our room was on the tenth floor.

When we got off the elevator, I followed Ashley to our room. It was a nice sized one definitely bigger than my room at home and looked better too. It had a living room, bathroom, a kitchenette and two rooms. Ashley and I walked into our separate rooms to unpack.

I soon as I was in my room, I collapsed on the bed tired from jet lag. I decided I would unpack later. I got up to wash my face then headed back to my bed and fell into a deep sleep.

After what felt like only a couple of minutes of sleep, Ashley barged into my room and woke me from my beautiful sleep.

"Get up! Come on, I wanna explore!" She bellowed.

"But I was dreaming about licking Taylor Lautner's abs." I whined.

"OMG! I dream about that too!" She squealed in a high pitched tone.

"So does that mean I can go back to sleep?" I asked hopeful.

"No. Now get up! You have five minutes" And with that, she left the room.

I got up slowly and went to the bathroom to take a shower. It was so hot here and I was sweating a little.

After my shower, I changed into shorts and a cropped tank-top that had 'WILD THINGS' printed on it. When I got to the living room, Ashley was shaking her head at me disapprovingly.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"I said five minutes and you took like an hour!" She exclaimed.

"I had to shower." I explained, shrugging my left shoulder.

"Whatever, lets go I want ice cream."

"Let me go get my purse." I said walking back to my room. I could hear her sighing loudly behind me. I chuckled while grabbing my purse. 


We walked out of the hotel and down the road. There was lots of traffic but also many pedestrians. There were a lot of people today. Or maybe it's always like that. I shrugged, not really wanting to have a mental debate about it. We walked around trying to find a ice cream parlor but we had no such luck. I was starting to sweat and it was annoying me.

"Can we please go back?" I asked Ashley who was walking beside me, also sweating.

"No! I told you I want ice cream."

"Ugh!" I groaned, "we'll never find-"

"There's an ice cream stand over there." She cut me off, pointing.

An older man was standing by a stand that had 'Ice Cream' printed on it and i'm guessing he was the one selling them. He had a a friendly looking round face, with a slightly bald head. When he saw us walking over, he smiled "How are you young ladies?" He asked, still grinning.

"We're good" I answered, not bothering to return the curtesy.

"What can I get ya?"

After we got our ice cream, we decided to just walk around. There were a bunch of people here and they looked like they were crowding around something. The people were actually girls I realized once we got closer and I could hear screaming.

"What do you think is going on?" I asked Ashley. She shrugged, not seemingly interested. We decided to walk to in the opposite direction of the screaming girls.

"So tomorrow we-" I started but was interrupted when someone bumped into me and knocked my ice cream onto my shirt. "Ah!" I screamed "Cold!"

"I'm so sorry" a deep British accent said,

"Aw there's ice cream on my shirt. And I was going to eat it too" I whined. As the voice chuckled.

"It's not funny!" I said looking up to the person.


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