You Lied

You lied!" He screamed, shoving my hand out of his and walking over to couch, leaving me to stand alone. "I-I know but I can explain" I pleaded "Oh really?" He sneered, "and what if I tel you I don't want your stupid explanation?" "Please you have to understand!" I said walking over to him, but he moved out of my reach. "Haz-" "Don't call me that!" He yelled "only my friends call me that and clearly you're not one." " "How could you do this to me? " His fists balled and his nostrils flared, he was looking angry and I was suddenly afraid.


Kiara, a shy, good girl decides to go to Los Angles for the summer. What could go wrong right? Well lets see, she lies to her parents and meets One Direction. She immediately starts hating one of the lads. As the summer progresses, she falls in love and things begin to go down hill. What happens when this good girl's lies finally catch up with her? Read to find out!

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3. Three - "What Happened To your Shirt?"



"'re Harry Styles" I stammered out, as I stared doe-eyed.

"You got her ice cream on her tank!" Ashley said furiously.

"I know and I'm so sorry. Here" He said, taking off his shirt and handing it to me. He was just standing there shirtless, and I tried not to drool over his body.

"No you don't h-have to g-give me your s-shirt" I stuttered.

"But I ruined yours" He said.


"Here we'll cover you and you can change into it" He said standing in front of me.

When they were both standing in front of me, I hesitantly took off my shirt and put his on. It was a light blue shirt that went to almost my knees and completely covered my shorts.

His shirt smelled like men cologne. I secretly took a whiff.

Here I am, a no-one and Harry Styles gives me his shirt and is standing right in front of me shirtless and instead of saying saying thank you, I was smelling his shirt like a creep.

I mentally slapped myself. hard.

"Um...thanks" I said once I got my common sense back. I put my dirty tank in my hand. When they turned around, Harry was starring at me. I awkwardly put my hands around myself.

"Uhm can I buy you another ice cream...since your other one is on your shirt?" He asked .

"Uhm..." I looked at Ashley.

"I'll be here" she said sitting down on the curb.

"Okay then"

I walked beside Harry quietly.

"So you know who I am" He said, putting his hands in his jeans.

"Uhm...yeah I'm actually a fan"

"Really? That's really awesome" He said happily.

"Yeah" I smiled.

"So who's your favorite?" He asked

"Niall, he's adorable" I answered.

"Oh...not me?" He pouted, making me laugh.

"You're really good looking so don't worry" I smiled up at him.

"Ooh you think I'm really good looking" He said wiggling his eyebrows.

"Don't get cocky now" I laughed.

"It's hard not to babe" He winked.

"So how will I return your shirt to you?" I asked.

"You should keep it. You look good in it" He winked.

"So it is true" I said.

"What is?" He asked confused.

"That your the flirty one"

"Yeah I kinda am"

"So we're staying at the Pier Hotel" He told me (I made that up)

"Really? We're staying there too!" I exclaimed.

"Really? What floor?" He asked turning to me.

"The tenth"

"We're on the eleventh"


"Yeah" He said.

When we got to the ice cream place, the old man was still standing there. He gave me a look.

"What happened to your shirt?" He asked.

"Uh...the ice cream spilled"

"It was my fault" Harry piped up.

"Oh..okay" The old man said. He looked at Harry oddly, probably wondering why he was shirtless.

"Kids these days" He muttered, with a shake of his head.I got cookie and cream and Harry got vanilla.

"Dude vanilla is so boring. You should've gotten mint or something" I said, licking my ice cream.

"But I like plain vanilla" He pouted.

"Booringg!" I said laughing.

"Okay miss Cookie n Cream"

"Okay mister plain ol' Vanilla"

"You're being a meanie" He pouted.

"Grow up Styles" I teased.

"Never!!" He said running down the street.

"Wait for me!" I yelled chasing after him. 

When we got back, Ashley was still sitting on the curb.

"You guys took a long time" She complained.

"Sorry" Harry apologized "We were just talking."

Ashley gave me a look, which I returned with an innocent one.

"I have to get back to the guys" Harry said checking his watch. "They'll be wondering where I am. It was nice meeting you guys"

We waved bye to him. 


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