You Lied

You lied!" He screamed, shoving my hand out of his and walking over to couch, leaving me to stand alone. "I-I know but I can explain" I pleaded "Oh really?" He sneered, "and what if I tel you I don't want your stupid explanation?" "Please you have to understand!" I said walking over to him, but he moved out of my reach. "Haz-" "Don't call me that!" He yelled "only my friends call me that and clearly you're not one." " "How could you do this to me? " His fists balled and his nostrils flared, he was looking angry and I was suddenly afraid.


Kiara, a shy, good girl decides to go to Los Angles for the summer. What could go wrong right? Well lets see, she lies to her parents and meets One Direction. She immediately starts hating one of the lads. As the summer progresses, she falls in love and things begin to go down hill. What happens when this good girl's lies finally catch up with her? Read to find out!

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1. One- "You could Always Lie..."

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"Mom please let me go!" I pleaded.

"I'm sorry honey, but I'm just not sure if it's safe or not" She replied not looking up from the laundry she was doing.

We were currently in the laundry room and I was pleading with my mother to let me go with Ashley to L.A. for the summer. I really wanted to go but she wasn't budging.

"Moooom! We'll be safe! It's only going to be us anyways" I whined.

"Exactly my point! It's only going to be you two! That's not safe at all!" She said, finally looking up and meeting my eyes.

"Don't you trust me mom? When have I ever lied to you or done something bad? Come on! Everyone knows I'm the goody-goody and won't even lie to safe my own skin!"

"I'll think about" she sighed.


"Kiara! Please! I said I'll think about it okay? Now can you please let it go? Just go upstairs and do some homework or something" She huffed, crossing her arms over get chest and eyeing me.

"Fine" I huffed, walking out of the laundry room and up the stairs.

I walked into my room. I did not like it at all! First of all, it was painted a pale, sad looking pink. It was also princess themed from when I was obsessed with princesses and all that jazz. There was a huge crown painted on the wall right above where i'd usually lay my head. There were also many stuffed animals on my bed too.

I had begged my mom to let me re-decorate but she just said she'd think about it. And its still the same
horrible looking room.Which makes me worried about the trip. What if she only said that to make me feel better but in reality she's already made up her mind about not letting me go? I didn't want to go back over there and yell and get mad because then, she'd definitely say no. So instead I did the next best thing, which was to call my best friend, Ashley.

Ashley and I had been friends since preschool when she beat up a kid that was being mean to me. Everyone was afraid of her back then because she was older than the rest of us. Her parents didn't send her to school till she was six. The rest of us were only four so she had a much bigger advantage. But she was actually really nice...well unless you pissed her off. She was the the type of person who told you like it was, not hiding anything just to make you feel better. She never let anyone tell her what to do. If you messed with her, she'd mess with you right back. I on the other hand was the quiet, goody-goody girl. I never said what was on my mind and didn't stand up for myself.

"Ashley speaking!" Her familiar voice exploded out of my phone and into my room. I had put her on speaker so I could paint my nails and talk to her at the same time.

"So what did your mom say?" She asked.

"Oh she said I could go if I wanted and she'd give me extra money to go shopping" I said sarcastically.

My mom had said she'd think about it obviously and in reality we didn't have that much money. We were struggling with money and my parents couldn't afford to give me shopping money. My dad worked two jobs and my mom worked over- time. So I hardly ever saw any of them.

"Really?" She asked.

"No! Obviously not" I answered.

"What should I say to convince her?" I asked in a helpless tone. I really wanted to go.


"What do you mean 'hmm'?" I asked.

"You know..." She trailed off.

"What?" I asked. I had a feeling I wasn't gonna like this.

"You could always lie..." She trailed off.

"No!" I said abruptly.

"Come on! It won't even be a big lie."

"Oh! And what's the lie?"

"Say we'll be staying with my cousins."

"But they're all the way in Europe!"

"Say they decided to come to L.A for the summer."

"But I don't want to lie."

"Look do you want to go or not?"

"I do..."

"Then you gotta do what you gotta do."

"What if she doesn't believe me?" I whimpered.

"Don't worry! she will. You know how much she loves Christina, Celeste and Chloe" She assured me.

She was right though. My mother loved the triplets. She would always praise them whenever they were around and even when they weren't. She felt that I should look up to them and be just like them.They were very successful and not to mention gorgeous. The triplets lived together in London. They left for London four years ago when they graduated. Christina was a fashion designer who had her own line out. She was the oldest and most responsible, like the mother of her sisters. Celeste styled hair and sometimes worked with Chloe who was an amazing makeup artist. And speaking of Chloe, she was the most out-going and bubbly. She had a crazy fun personality, was always laughing, and always on some crazy adventure.


"No buts" she cut me off.

"I'll tell them tomorrow morning" I said giving in.


The next morning I woke up earlier than usual. I simply couldn't sleep any longer, do to nerves. I was nervous about lying to my parents. I had never lied before and I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. What if they don't believe me? What if they do and later on find out?

"I've got this" I muttered, shaking my head trying to shake off the nerves and getting up.

I walked to the bathroom to get ready.

"You look nice sweetie" My mother said from her spot by the stove once I came down to the kitchen.

"T-thanks" I muttered.

I sat down at our small table across from my dad. My mother placed a plate of pancakes and eggs in front of me. I just sat there starring at it, too nervous to eat. I was afraid I was going to throw it all up if I took one bite.

"What's the matter hon?" My dad asked "Not hungry?"

"She's probably just excited about her last day of school. She probably can't even take a bite" My mom answered for me, laughing.

"" I asked.

"Yeah?" She said, not looking up from a magazine she was reading.

"About the trip" I started nervously.


"Were actually not going to be alone"

"What do you mean?" She said, looking at me curiously.

"Uh....t-the triplets w-will b-b there"

"Really?!" She exclaimed.

"Oh how fun!" She clapped "you know what? You-"

"Don" My dad said cutting her off.

So close.

"But the triplets are going to be there" She said in a little voice.

"Aren't they in London?" My dad questioned, clearly not believing me.

"T-they uh...are actually gonna be there for the summer"

"Oh. I see" was all he said.

"So...can I go?" I asked in a small voice.

My mother looked to my father.

"Sure. Why not if the triplets will be there?" He smiled.

"Oh! Yay! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I squealed, jumping from my seat and giving them both a huge hug.

"Can't-breathe" My dad choked out, making me mom and I laugh.


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