My Confused Love Life

High school, artsy girl, Lola finds herself deeply in love with popular football player, Niall Horan. These two love birds have been together for over six months, and feel that they were made for each other. However, Lola finds herself falling for someone else, and thinks that maybe her true soulmate isn't Niall.


2. The Parents

"Where the Hell were you?" My dad demands when I open the door to my house.

"I let her out, Rich." My mother says, trying to calm him down. I stare down at my shoes awkwardly.

"I thought I told you not to let her out. You know she went to see that kid!" Dad shouts. 

"Why don't you want me to hang out with him, Dad?" I whimper nervously.

"Maybe because I don't want my only child to end up a bum! I know what you do when you're with him, and maybe I don't want you getting pregnant!" Dad screams. 

"Dad, I don't do that stuff with Niall! What if I had him over to meet you? Then you could see how sweet he is!" I beg.

"Oh honey, that'd be great! How about tues-" Mom starts, interrupted.

"Not a chance. I'm not having some delinquent come anywhere near this house! End of discussion!" Dad says furiously. With that he stomps up the stairs. I hear a door slam. I can feel tears welling up in my eyes. 

"What is it sweetie?" Mom says, coming over and holding my hands in hers. 

"Today was... Our, Niall and I's.. six month anniversary." I struggle to force the words out, my throat raspy. I wipe my tears on my dress.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry about him. You know how he gets. Here," She wipes the leftover tears off my face, "head up to bed, and don't let him worry you. Goodnight, darling." Mom hugs me and I shuffle up the stairs, gathering my thoughts. I think about Niall and the day we had.. It was unforgettable and wonderful. I decide that tomorrow I'm going to go see Niall because dad is going out of town for "work," he claims. I think he's just sick of us. I grab my phone from under my bed, which is were I have to keep it so that Dad doesn't find it and snoop on it. Opening my messages, I go to Niall. 'Are u free tomorrow? <3' I type.

'i'm free anytime if i can be with u' Niall responds.

'k i'll go to urs in the morning?' I type back.

'yes pls. night babe. luv u' Niall says. I slide my phone back under the bed and try to sleep. Eventually, sleep hits me, and the only thing keeping me from nightmares was the thought of seeing Niall tomorrow.


I wake up with a smile on my face, because I remember that today I can go see Niall. I practically jump out of bed and go to my closet. I want to look good, even though Niall doesn't care what I look like. I throw on a muscle tank, jeans, and a flannel around my waist. Taking my hair down from it's top knot and I head to the bathroom to do my makeup. 

"Wait just a second." It's my dad. He stands in the hallway and scares me half to death. 

"Yes?" I ask after regaining my composure. 

"Are you.. going somewhere?" My dad demands, walking over to me.

"I'm going to Becky's," I manufacture. 

"Becky's, huh?" He questions suspiciously.

"Yup. I have to go do my makeup now," I say, hurrying into the bathroom. I put on foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. I grab my phone and put it in my pocket.

"Bye Mom, bye Dad!" I call out, then race out of the house before Dad can ask anymore questions. Outside, I take out my phone and call Niall.

"Hi babe, can you pick me up, maybe like a block away from my house?" I say, walking to the corner.

"Sure thing. See you in a second," Niall says, ending the call. While waiting I see Louis, Liam, and Harry on the other side of the street. 

"Hey Lola!" Liam shouts across the street. 

"Hi!" I yell back. They cross over to my side of the street and greet me. 

"What're you doing out here?" Louis asks.

"I'm actually waiting for Niall," I say, just as Niall pulls up to the corner. "And there he is! I'll see you guys later."

"Hey guys!" Niall says, rolling down his windows. "Hey babe," he leans over to kiss my lips.

"Hey Niall," Harry says. After talking for a minute, we all exchange goodbyes and Niall drives away. 

"Thanks for yesterday," I say, turning on the radio.

"Oh that? That's nothing!" Niall says over the music. "Just wait till our 1 year anniversary!"

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