My Confused Love Life

High school, artsy girl, Lola finds herself deeply in love with popular football player, Niall Horan. These two love birds have been together for over six months, and feel that they were made for each other. However, Lola finds herself falling for someone else, and thinks that maybe her true soulmate isn't Niall.


5. Someone New

"What's up! Thanks for coming!" Louis handshakes Niall and gives me a small hug. "Drinks are to the right, bathroom around the corner, and please, if you're going to get dirty, do it in my parents bedroom-not mine. Other than that, have fun!" Louis shouted over the blasting music. He's such a party animal.

"Alright, thanks! See ya later!" Niall waves to Louis, and latches his arm around my waist. "I see my football buds over there," Niall gestures his head to the right.

"Niall, please. Do we have to go over there. I came to spend time with you-not your buds," I beg, trying to pull him the opposite way.

"Lemme just say a quick hello, then I'm all yours, babe." Niall tries to give me a kiss, but I sassily turn away. 

Suddenly, I hear one of Niall's friends scream, "Horan! Waddup! You ready for football season?"

"Yea, bud! This is my girlfriend, Lola. I'm sure you all have met her before," Niall pulls me into the circle. I hear one of the guys whistle, so I turn to Niall waiting for him to react-but nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't hear it over the loud music. I brush it off and listen to their football talk for what seemed like an hour.

"Niall, I'm gonna go grab a drink," Niall nods his head in approval and unlatches his arm from my waist. 

I make my way though the crowd, and finally get to the cooler. I reach my hand in and grab a Bud Light. Immediately, I pop it open and jump up to sit on the counter. I don't wanna be rude by sitting on Louis' counter, but I don't want to be in the crowd spilling beer all over my mom' dress. Before I know it, I'm gulping down the last bit of the can as it burns the back of my throat. I'm still thirsty, so I reach my hand back into cooler, but before it reaches the bottle of hard lemonade, it hits someone's hand.

"Watch where you're going," the guy rudely says to me.

"Sorry, didn't see you there. Gosh, no need to be all rude," I grab the bottle and roll my eyes in disgust.

"Woah, your time of the month?" He again says rudely.

"Excuse me? What's your problem?" I wait for him to respond but he just raises his eyebrows."Sorry, I'm just not having too much fun at this party."

"Yeah, tell me about it-lame. Hey, weren't you in my art class, last year? Lola, right?" He sips his drink.

"That's my name, and you're Zayn, right?" I ask him. He just nods. "Aren't parties kind of your thing?"

"I guess," he says awkwardly and looks down at his feet. He quickly changes the subject, "I'm gonna go get some air, wanna come?"

I nod and grab my drink. I follow him over to a fence, away from the crowd of guys smoking. 

"So what brings you here?" I ask him.

"I don't know, I'm one of Louis's friends, but he was talking with his jock friends, and I kind of felt left out. So I grabbed a drink. What about you?" 

"Oh, kind of the same situation. I came here with-wait. Zayn, you probably shouldn't put your drink on someone's motorcycle. The alarm is gonna go off." I warn him.

"Um Lola, this is my motorcycle," he blushes.

"Oh, this is embarrassing," I giggle.

"It's okay, so back to what brings you here?" Zayn takes a seat on his jet black motorcycle. Before I answer him, I glance at my phone. I have five missed calls from Niall from two minutes ago.

"Oh gosh, my ringer must of been off. I'm sorry Zayn, I have to go. Maybe talk to you later?" I wave and run towards the house, but I slip. Shoot, I have stilettos on. Zayn grabs my hand to help me up, brushing the dirt off my legs. I suddenly feel my face getting hot.

"Lola, are you okay?" He says worryingly.

"I'm fine, Zayn. Thanks. Would you mind helping me walk up the porch stairs? I haven't worn heels this high in a while." I tell him it was the heels' fault for my fall, but I really just got distracted by him. He's so hot, with both arms covered in tattoos and a septum piercing. A lot has changed since last year.

"Yeah," He says, putting his arm on my shoulder. His touch feels cold. I mutter a thanks as he leads me inside and I start searching for Niall. I find him sitting around a table drinking with Liam and Harry. 

"Hey Niall, are you ready to go?" 

"No, babe. Just get someone to take you back," Niall says with a slight slur to his voice. I look for Becky, and find her in the corner kissing Louis. I decide to just start walking home, when I hear the roar of a motorcycle. 

"You forgot your jacket," I hear a voice behind me, and immediately turn around to see who it is. Zayn.

"Um, thanks," I carefully walk into the street to retrieve my jacket from him. Before I can grab it out of his hand, he puts it around my shoulders.

"You look cold," he says. "WHy are you walking home?"

"The person I came with wasn't ready to go, but I was," i tell Zayn, refering to Niall.

"Hop on," He scoots up, to make space for me on the back.

"Thanks, Zayn, but I'm fine." I start to make my way back to the sidewalk.

"Get on," he demands. I figure I'm not going to win, so I hop on the back.


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