My Confused Love Life

High school, artsy girl, Lola finds herself deeply in love with popular football player, Niall Horan. These two love birds have been together for over six months, and feel that they were made for each other. However, Lola finds herself falling for someone else, and thinks that maybe her true soulmate isn't Niall.


4. Getting Ready

"Babe, please!" Niall begs. It's the night before our first day of junior year at high school, and Niall invites me to a party at Louis's house.

"Niall, please don't make me go. You know parties like that aren't my kind of thing. To be honest, I would rather just binge watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix." I tell him as I slurp on my Coke, walking through the parking lot of the local gas station.

"I already promised Louis I would go, and you wouldn't let me go alone, now would you? Besides, I'm sure you will have plenty of fun. We don't have to stay the whole time. I can't let my bud down," Niall unlocks his Cadillac and opens the passenger door politely for me. "Pretty please, with a cherry on top," I look over to see him puffing out his lower lip and widening his beautiful round eyes.

"Ugh, fine. But you owe me...big time!" I finally give in.

"Yay! Oh how I love you so much. I'll pick you up at eight tonight. Do you want me to drop you off now so you can get ready? It's already 5:00 pm."

"Yes, please," I already start to think about my outfit.


"Alright, see you at eight!" Niall blows a kiss to me and waits patiently for me to get safely into my house. As soon as I unlock the door, I turn around and wave bye to Niall.

I immediately listen to see if my dad is home. Nope. Good, I can't imagine what kind of crap I would have to go through to get out of here, if he were home. I climb the wooden staircase and hurry to my room. I take off my purse and think about what I need to do first. I figure I should probably take a shower, before it's too late. 

After my shower, I search through my closet looking for something to wear. I probably look over the same five dresses twenty times, for some idiotic reason. It's not like a dress might magically appear. I have realized by now, that my life isn't a fairy tale. I have no clothes to wear, but I know I need to find something. I'm already not the perfect girl with a perfect face and perfect hair, the least I can do is wear something nice. Plus I don't even compare to the girls who will be there, let alone if they are wearing their two hundred dollar Louis Vutton dresses. I desperately look in my moms closet. I find a little black dress. I guess this will do. It is just a plain black dress- no bows, no glitter, no sequins, nothing. It's all I have, so I settle for it. 

I lay it on my bed next to my undergarments, then walk to the bathroom. I glance at the clock in the hallway which reads: 6:45. I have an hour and fifteen minutes left, so I decide to blow dry my hair. I don't have time for anything fancy, so I just loosely curl it. I only have an hour left now.

I grab my makeup bag and messily yank out anything I might need. First, I apply my regular skin makeup. Then, I put on a matte, light gray eye shadow, and my favorite Stila liquid eye liner. I pull out my drugstore brand eye lash curler and quickly curl my lashes, pulling out a few lashes. I barely have any time left, so I skip the blush and just put on a bright red lipstick.

The clock now reads: 7:15. I slow myself down. I still have forty five minutes, and all I need to do is put on my outfit and shoes. I lay down on my bed careful not to ruin my hair. I stare at my dress. Niall is going to expect me to look perfect, but I'm going to show up in this ugly thing. Oh well, I guess it's better than jeans. 

I pull my dress on and look in the mirror. I don't want to attract any pervert boys, so I safety pin my dress up higher. I know Niall won't mind, he isn't that kind of boy who cares about a girls boobs. Otherwise, he wouldn't be dating me. I slip on black stilettos, which I wore at another party I unwillingly went to with Niall a couple months ago. Hopefully, Niall won't notice. 

I look in my body-length mirror. Decent. I may not look as pretty as the others, but it's something. I get my silver clutch, and stick in it a hair elastic and the lipstick I'm wearing. Hopefully I won't need any of it. The bag is quite small so I stick to those two essentials, plus my phone. Before I stick my phone in, I check the time, 7:50. Niall will probably be here in a couple minutes. He is always early. Sure enough, I hear the doorbell ring. Before I head downstairs, I peek out the window to make sure it's him-and it is. I slowly walk down the stairs, hearing my heels click on each step.

I unlock the door and meet eyes with Niall. It's silent. His eyes were wandering up and down my body. Oh god I knew this wasn't good enough. "Niall, I'm sorry, it's just I couldn't find any-" Niall immediately interrupts me. 

"Wow! You look beautiful. I mean it's not that you don't usually-but you look amazing Lola, looks like I picked the right person to fall in love with," he teases me.

 I nudge him, "Oh stop it. You look quite handsome yourself, Niall."

 "Not as good as you. Alright let's go, I can stand here for hours telling you how beautiful you are!"

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