It was 5 years ago it ended. The conflict between the two superpowers of the world America and Russia. It was like a fight between the two strongest gladiators, each slash blocked with a quick maneuver by the other with the rest of the world sitting... and watching. It was obvious, but some were to blind to see that the end was neigh. When the missiles were launched no one knew what was happening the bombs had the power to wipe out the whole state of New York with the recent technological advancements, wealthy family's build underground bunkers, but the less weathy family's were left to perish into the world above enveloped by war, but a few survived and thrived in the harsh wasteland that was once earth and raid anything they find, and this is were you come in... a seventeen year old girl named lily who's family was just murdered in front of your eyes on one of the deadliest raids ever defending yourself with a laser rife you manage to survive. You have 1 objective....Survive...


3. The Wasteland

 I felt the wind brush against my face, a sensation I haven't felt in five years. I was scared, scared to open my eyes. I didn't want to see my mom, or my dad... dead. The thought was horrible. It was almost as bad as during the war, almost as bad as the unemployment and starvation. My family was one of the lucky ones who had a working family member. People of a hacktivist group called Anonymous nearly started an American civil war it was terrible. We lived in Wyoming, the least populated state so we weren't hit very hard with the bombs but the radiation still killed.... a lot. Back in school during what was called the second depression I was well.... the "hot" girl, but I really didn't want to be. My mom had some bad history of prostitution and gambling and before I hit puberty I was made fun of for that. 7th grade was the last grade I was in before the bombs fell, and in the last few days I began to loose it. Ever since 6th grade boys came after me even the few lesbians did so much so I was raped at a party by 4 men. They were arrested but a fear grew inside I was in counseling until the war ended. I couldn't get any space, I would be afraid to go outside of my house. I had no friends because if I were to have a few I was afraid to be taken advantage of. There was only one boy... his name was Shane and he was very nice. He stopped by a few times but the fear of being raped again was too strong, and I ditched him. His father was killed in Russia in the Siege of Moscow, a battle that only made the daily paper not the history books. He played on the football team and was quite cute. His family was low class though so he's probably dead. My parents weren't to good to me either my mom was always drinking and scared after her prostitution days, or that's at least what she calls it at the dinner table. My dad, was well only there to protect me from my psychotic mother when she gets angry. "YOU WERE A FUCKING MISTAKE YOU SLUT" she would yell at me when rage toppled her wall of fear, and I would cry... because I knew it was true... I knew I was just a result of her days in Vegas. I didn't know who my father was and I wasn't planning on finding out because with my luck he's probably the same as my mother just with a dick. A sex addict and a coward. I attempted suicide in public and was saved by my new dad. The only man I didn't fear, the only man I loved, and I didn't want it to change.

"Why... why him god WHY, WHY NOT JUST THAT BITCH JENNIFER", I thought. Another gust of wind hit my cheek. "Its time to confront it" I opened my eyes "Oh you're up" A bandage was wrapped around my leg. "Where am I wheres my parents body's"! I tried to stand up but the pain shot through my body "Hold it, just relax" He took a deep breath. "Welcome to the Wasteland"


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