It was 5 years ago it ended. The conflict between the two superpowers of the world America and Russia. It was like a fight between the two strongest gladiators, each slash blocked with a quick maneuver by the other with the rest of the world sitting... and watching. It was obvious, but some were to blind to see that the end was neigh. When the missiles were launched no one knew what was happening the bombs had the power to wipe out the whole state of New York with the recent technological advancements, wealthy family's build underground bunkers, but the less weathy family's were left to perish into the world above enveloped by war, but a few survived and thrived in the harsh wasteland that was once earth and raid anything they find, and this is were you come in... a seventeen year old girl named lily who's family was just murdered in front of your eyes on one of the deadliest raids ever defending yourself with a laser rife you manage to survive. You have 1 objective....Survive...


2. Rise Above

"Lily, Lily wake up Lily". I rubbed my eyes. "Wha-" I felt hands on my arms. "Ow that hurts" I say "Lily, someones in the bunker". "Mom your just hearing things again" "Lily, daddy went to check a hour ago and never returned" "Hmm" I stood up and walked to the back wall. The clock read 4:45 AM Year:2085. Under the clock was a safe, I entered the code 50-32-12. The lock popped open inside rests a LR-V2 a Pre-War laser rifle. I loaded a microfusion cell into the cartridge. "Stay here mom" I walk down the hall listening for any sound. After maybe 2 minutes I reach the end of the hall... nothing. I sigh and begin to walk back to bed and tell mom everything was all right when I remembered my dad was missing. "He's probably in the kitchen" I thought and I began to walk back to mom again when a large bang arose through the bunker. I Pulled my gun up, "What the fuck". I walk towards the living room a red liquid covers the floor. I step in the room to investigate when a scream leaks my lips. I couldn't believe it, he lie motionless a giant slit through his throat. "Ooh look at this little girl" "Wha" I say interrupting my scream. I spin around my gun ready when there's a loud crack, before i could even think a sharp pain rushes through my body as I scream with a mix of terror and pain. I hit the ground with a thud landing in my dads pool of blood. 8 men stand above me "Were having fun tonight" a man says looking at me uncomfortably close. He licks my cheek as a move my head as far away from him as possible my hair is drenched in crimson. I cry from the unbelievable pain coming from my leg "I'm gonna fucking kill you" I thought. And with that I remember my rifle. I reach for it a but its too far. I hear a crunch as he stomps on my arm. "AHHHHHHH" I scream as my adrenaline leaves my body. "A rebel I see, we can't have that" one of the men say. "Yeah I say we rape her and leave her to rot with her husband over there" The men all nod their heads in agreement. "H-h-he's my d-d-." I couldn't finish my sentence as I'm enveloped by darkness. "In my last moments of consciousness I see my mom... barley hear her scream as her head fly's to the other side of the room. The men pick me up and one says "Ohh, what a nice chest you have" guns are fired...      Then Black.

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