New life, New problems

Kat is a normal 16 year old girl that is insecure and self conscious. She finds out that on her 17th birthday she will be moving to Australia where she ends up living next to a boy named Luke hemmings.she makes new friends and makes tons of unforgettable memories. her life completely changes. but what will happen when everything turns for the worse?


15. special day

-one month later-

Kat's P.O.V

"Michael!" "Yeah I know! So get your lazy ass up so we can go to the store and get Luke's presents!" Today is Luke's birthday and I know exactly what I am going to get him. "Bri! Taylor! Are y'all coming!" I walked into Taylor's room to see that they both fell asleep playing Fifa together and were cuddling, awe.

I got dress and did my hair and makeup then walked downstairs to see Michael smiling down at his phone, this has got to be at least the 5th time I've caught him doing this! "Michael when am I going to meet this iris girl that makes u so blushy!" I yelled giggling at him.

"Haha now let's go!"

When we went to the store we had bumped into some fans and we took pictures, they were so sweet. When we finally finished with all the fans I had walked into the guitar shop. "Hey joe!" I yelled walking into the back since joes my uncle.

"Hey kido! What brings you here today with Clifford?"

"Oh well it's Luke's birthday and I remember him saying that he wanted a new guitar. Oh and Michael? We found out that we are siblings."

"Ah welcome to the family! And would you like acoustic or electric?"

"Electric please!"

"Okay, how about this one?" He said pointing to a back guitar with a blue lightning bolt across it.

"Yeah that's perfect! Can we pick it up on our way out?"

"Yeah sure thanks for stopping by!"

After we left we went and bought Luke some more things.

I got him a blink 182 sweatshirt and a meet and great. I also got him a new Beanie,and a bracelet that says L+K but made sure it wasn't to girly.

"Okay you ready to go mikey?"

"Yea cmon lets go check out."

After we checked out and picked up Luke's new guitar we headed home. I decided to text Luke.

(L-Luke, K-kat)

K-hey babez

L-hey cutie, excited to see you<3

K-Me too! How's my penguins birthday been?

L-awful I mean the girfts are okay but something's missing.


L-Because your not here...

K-aw babe, I'll be there soon,promise.

L-okay,hey I got to go, can't wait to see u<333


(End of conversation)

"Hey mikey when we get home can we wrap up the presents then head over to Luke's?"

"Yeah sure, you know the whole time we were gone he couldn't stop talking about you?"

"Really?"I said quietly.

"Yeah, kat he really really likes you."

I smiled to myself , once we got home I got all of the bags and raced to our house since I wanted to get to Luke's as soon as possible. Bri helped me wrap my presents for luke and Taylor helped Michael since they both already bought their gifts for him.

"Now let's go!!!" I yelled. When we walked over we just walked in because we are basically family to the hemmings.

"He's upstairs, he hasn't left his room."Liz whispered to me.i nodded and tiptoed upstairs barley making any noise and quietly opened his door to see a tired Luke looking through his phone,with his back towards me.

"Lucas."I whispered only just loud enough to for him to hear. He immedently spun around and had a huge smile on his face. I just giggled slightly "hi"

He got up as fast as he could and ran up to me, picked me up and spun me around and hugged me.

"I miss you so much I don't know how I survived this month." He said in the crook of my neck. I just hugged him tighter.

"I missed you too hemmings." We went to the bed and just sat there cuddling. I missed being in his arms. After 15 minutes calum burts through the door with his phone recording.

"And here we have the adorable couple in their natural habitat!" He was keeking, god he's such a girl. "Can I join?"he said with puppy dog eyes. Before cI could say anything luke answered.

"No she's mine." And he pulled me closer to him I just laughed. "Maybe next time calpal." I turned around and gave Luke a long slow kiss. "Let's go downstairs, you have presents from all of us to open." "Okay fine but only because u asked me." I laughed.

I decided that I would give my presents to Luke last. Cal got him a new microphone,a new Xbox game, and some shoes.

Ash got him 200 dollars for American apparel (see what I did there) and a new pair of sunglasses.

Cal got him a snap back and a giant penguin and Luke went crazy for it.

Michael got him a surf board, and nirvana shirt, and a new lip ring.

Taylor got him some sunglasses and 3 tie dye shirts.

Bri got him some Cologne,a SnapBack, and sweatshirt.

Then came my present, I handed him a the big box with the guitar in it first," this first one is from me and Michael,also don't say anything until you have opened them all." I said smiling. He opened the box and his face was full of shock it looked like he wanted to explode with confetti! Then I handed him a medium box with the sweatshirt in it. He smiled. Then I handed him the small box with the tickets and bracelet around them. He opened and when he saw the tickets he looked so excited! Then he saw the bracelet and his face softened and he had the biggest smile.

"Can I talk now?" He said smiling. I nodded. He came up to me and hugged me tight I smiled to myself. He then looked me in the eyes and kissed me. I kissed back immediately. He whispered in my ear, "kat thank you so much, I could never ask for a girlfriend like you, you make my heart beat a thousands times faster and are my source of happiness, I-I love you."he said. I felt my heart stop and I just smiled and hugged him harder, "I love you too Lucas."

Ash just finished keeking the whole thing, "aweee I really need a girlfriend." He said flipping the camera to himself.

"There's someone out there for u ash, I promise you will find them soon." I smiled. "I hope so." He said

A/n hey guys! It's Luke's 19th birthday and I can't get over how old he is! Btw Luke and the guys were in America for a whole month in this story so Kat hadn't seen Luke in a month so yeah. Also thanks so much for 13k reads, 49 likes, and 54 favorites that's just so amazing!! I promise that the other boys girlfriends and jays other best friend will be in the story very soon I swear! Anyways love you my penguins!! <333

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