New life, New problems

Kat is a normal 16 year old girl that is insecure and self conscious. She finds out that on her 17th birthday she will be moving to Australia where she ends up living next to a boy named Luke hemmings.she makes new friends and makes tons of unforgettable memories. her life completely changes. but what will happen when everything turns for the worse?


6. shopping and skype

Kat's P.O.V

Today me and all the boys decided that we would go to the mall since a of us needed clothes. during the car ride we ended up screaming the lyrics to good girls.


Mikey and cal were in the back seat playing air guitars, ash was beating the seat as if he was playing the drums, and me and Luke were dancing but Luke had to be careful because he was driving.

When we go into the mall we pared up to go into different stores. Me and Luke went to a dress store while the rest went to buy penny boards.

"How about these?" Luke handed me 3 dresses.

One cocktail dress, one long dress, and then one medium length one.

"Okay wait here I'm going to go try them on."

The cocktail dress had the upper half had a Aztec tribal design that was white and black while the rest of it was blue.

The long dress was a silky black with gold duds.

The medium dress was just all baby blue.after we talked about it I decided to go with the cocktail dress.

When we got home I decided to skype Bri I miss her so much!

"Hey girl!"

"Hey Bri I miss you so much!"

"I miss you too but guess what?!"

"What."I was excited to hear

"I'm coming to Australia for the rest of the summer!!"

"Omg!!!!!!!ahhhh!"I screamed when Luke ran in.

"Woah Kat what did you do this time?!"Luke screamed.

"I didn't do anything Bri is coming to Australia for the rest of the summer!"

"Oh okay I just wanted to make sure that you were okay."

"I'm fine Luke."I giggled.

I turned back to the screen to see a Bri with a clearly confused face.


" who is Luke?!"

"You'll see when you get here! What day are you coming anyway?"

"I'm coming tomorrow so you will need to pick me up from the airport."

"Okay. Hey I gtg I'll text you tomorrow."

"Okay bye Kat!"


I ended the call and walked down stairs to see Luke on the couch.i went up to him and say next to him.




"Okay."he laughed.

He put his arm around me and I cuddled into him breathing in his scent. I really really like Luke was all I could think. When I looked up at him he was looking at me.

He started to lean in, when all of a sudden our his lips crashed into mine. Ohhh my gosh explosions. I kissed back and after a couple seconds we pulled away.

"What was that for?"

"I like you a lot Kat."

"I like you too Luke."

Authors note

Helloooo people! Thank you so much for 373 reads!! I'm thinking that in the next chapter that Calum and Bri will like each other what do Yall think? And anytime somone comments plz update I try my best to do it:) please comments y'all's opinions! <3 and sorry for the wierd chapter names I don't know what to call them lol.

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