New life, New problems

Kat is a normal 16 year old girl that is insecure and self conscious. She finds out that on her 17th birthday she will be moving to Australia where she ends up living next to a boy named Luke hemmings.she makes new friends and makes tons of unforgettable memories. her life completely changes. but what will happen when everything turns for the worse?


11. date preparing

Luke's P.O.V

Today I'm supposed to take kat out for our date but I'm clueless. So I asked Taylor if he could come over and help me.

"Dude I don't know what I should do! I mean what if mess up? What if I say something stupid! What if I-"

"Lucas! Shut up kat really likes you so stop worrying! First start of on where you were planning on taking her and we can go on from there." Taylor said.

"Okay, I was thinking about taking her to the movies to see Ted 2. Then going to the beach."

"That's great! she loved ted and she loves the beach. You should probably wear something like a band shirt with some jeans ripped at the knees. She's most likely to wear a crop top and jeans."

"Okay thanks man."

"Anytime Hemmings."

Kats P.O.V

I was going to the mall with Bri because I didn't exactly have any clothes to wear to Luke and I's date tonight.


"Is that Luke?"

"Yea he said to wear somthing casual and to bring a bathing suit."

"Okay let's go to forever 21 first!"

--skips to forever 21--

"Okay try on this!"

It was a bright pink crop top that said whatever in black letters.

"How does this look?"

"You look great!!! Now let's get you a bathing suit!"Bri squealed.

"Go try this on right now! You will look amazing!"

It was a blue/Aqua triangl bikini and I had to admit that it was really pretty and I really liked it!

"Okay let's go check out all these clothes."

We had just finished getting all of our clothes and decided to go and stop at Starbucks before we left the mall. I had just walked in when I bumped into a girl about my age.

"I'm so sorry! I should have been watching where I was going!" I apologize really quickly

"No no it's fine that was totally my fault."she laughed

"I'm kat. And this is Bri!" I said

"I'm hailey! Nice to meet you guys. Can I have y'all's phone numbers so that we could all hangout sometime?"

"Yea sure, here." We said giving her our phone so that she could put in her number into both of our phones.

"Thanks so I'll see y'all around?"

"Definitely. Now we got to hurry kat, you have a date to get to."Bri said.

Authors note:

Hey guys! I am so sorry for not updating for two days:( i might not upload every single day like I usually have been because I was asked to be a co-author to another fan fiction! Also I have read through the all the comments and I have decided who I wanted as the boys girlfriends and Kats second best friend which was introduced in this chapter!so I will be putting their usernames below this.

Michaels girlfriend- iris Clifford

Kats second best friend- ashton_forever<3

Ashton's girlfriend- theblackshadow

Luke's ex girlfriend-RileyMhemmings

Also thank you so much for 4k reads, 21 favorited, and 16 likes. That's awesome!!! ( idk why but I'm thinking that I might call you guys my penguins because who doesn't like penguins?! )

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