New life, New problems

Kat is a normal 16 year old girl that is insecure and self conscious. She finds out that on her 17th birthday she will be moving to Australia where she ends up living next to a boy named Luke hemmings.she makes new friends and makes tons of unforgettable memories. her life completely changes. but what will happen when everything turns for the worse?


8. chatter

Kats P.O.V

"So how's life been back at home?"

"It's been good I guess. A boy named Steven moved into your house but he's cool. How's life here in Australia?"

" oh it's been amazing! The boys are so nice and we all have gotten really close. And as you know me and Luke are dating." I said while smiling.

"Can you tell me some things about the boys, so that when I talk to them it won't be so awkward?" Bri asked.

"Yea sure. Well Michael is really sweet,loves to dye his hair, and is really funny. He also likes to play Fifa and he just turned 17. Ashton, he's the oldest. Because he's 19. He likes to wear bandanas and plays the drums. Then there's Calum, he's really sweet and loves to cuddle. He's 17 also, I think you'll like him. And now we have come to Luke, he's so sweet and adorable. There's way to many things to explain him." I explained

She was about to reply when we heard shuffling and faint whispers outside our door so we just sat quiet to listen.

"Calum stop shoving their going to hear us." Mikey?

"Would yall shut up?!" That was Ashton.

"Wait it's quiet do you think they can hear us?" Luke.

Me and Bri crept over to the door and swung it open and saw 4 dorks stumble in and fall over each other.

"Did yall hear everything ?!" I asked

"Yes babe." Luke said getting up and kissing me cheek the. Going over to Calum to and cuddle to prove my point hat they both love to cuddle.

"Y'all are such stalkers!" I laughed

"But you love us!" They all yelled.

"Yes, yes i do." We all laughed.

Authors note-

Hey guys! I hope that you are enjoying this book! Also what do you think about Calum and Bri? Or should she go with Michael or Ashton? Please comment! We are also at 2k reads!! Yall are amazing! <333

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