New life, New problems

Kat is a normal 16 year old girl that is insecure and self conscious. She finds out that on her 17th birthday she will be moving to Australia where she ends up living next to a boy named Luke hemmings.she makes new friends and makes tons of unforgettable memories. her life completely changes. but what will happen when everything turns for the worse?


14. brother?

Kay's P.O.V

"Ha! Beat you again!" This was the 5th time I had beat Taylor in Fifa. He really sucks, I need Michael to come over!

"You so cheated!"

"Did not! You just really suck."

"Whatever. Go wake up our sloth and I'll invite the guys over we're all going swimming."

"Okay I'm going to go downstairs to tell mum."

"Ha oh my gosh!" Why was he laughing did I say something I shouldn't have?


"We have been here for two weeks and your already developing and accent!"

"Wow. Okay I'm going to tell mum now."I had walked downstairs to see mum looking at what looked like a letter. She looked very shocked but nervous at the same time. "Mum? Is everything okay?" I was really worried.

"Not exactly. Get Taylor down here please." But just then Taylor had walked in with a questioning look. "Or not. Okay both of you need to sit down." We sat down and mum started to explain a lot of things that's I wasn't expecting. "So you know how I said your y'all's dad left when you both were young so you didn't have a lot of memory about him? Well a year before I had Kat I was pregnant and had another child. But the strange thing, is that you both know him." "Him?! Who is it!" Taylor yelled but he seemed excited.

"Michael." "CLIFFORD!" We yelled.

"Yes and he is moving in because Karen had to move to L.A for her job."

"Yay! I get my pizza and Fifa buddy! Oh and mum we were inviting the boys to come swim before you told us everything to they will be here."

"Okay y'all have fun!"

--skip to waking up Bri and boys coming--

*∂ιиg ∂σиg!*

"I'll get it!" I walked down stairs to see all the boys in swim suits.

"Hey guys!"Luke walked over to me and kissed my cheek and said hey. Then I gave all the boys hugs just because. When I got to Mikey he had a very excited expression. I immediately jumped and wrapped my legs around his waisted and squealed.

"Haha hey!!

"I'm guessing your mum told you!" I yelled with excitement.


"Woah woah wait a minute!! Am I missing something! Why is MY girlfriend all hippy happy all over my best friend!" Luke yelled he looked really angry. Me and Michael just looked at each other and laughed because I guess he didn't tell them.

"You seriously didn't tell them?!"

"No I wanted to see their reactions."

"That's so mean Michael!" I laughed.

"Yeah I know I know."

"What do we not know?!" All three of them yelled at us.

"Oh yeah well me and Michael are actually brother and sister! We just found out his morning."

"Oh well that's great I thought you were cheating on me or something." Luke said.

"No Luke we talked about how I like you and only you."

"I know I know. Wait where's calum?" We all looked around but then we saw calum and Bri coming down the stairs hand in hand. Awe.

"Now let's go swimming!!!"

" okay!" Everyone yelled but Michael he was on his phone smiling.

"Get some Michael! Whose the ladyyyy." I said smirking

"Her name is iris and she's perfect. I have a date with her tomorrow."

"Aww I can't wait to meet her but if she's breaks your heart I will hunt her down and personally give her a beating." I said smiling.

"Haha thanks but she's not like that I promise." He said laughing.

"Okay now let's go back with the boys, Bri and Taylor."


A/n hey loves! What do you think about this chapter? It was pretty fun writing! Also it's 3 days until Luke's birthday when I'm writing this! Like I can't contain my fangirl self. Also in This story the girl who plays my best friend Bri is actually my best friend in real life ( Bri ) and she just got the app! You should go and fan her and read the movella she's writing! I'm in it😏 her user is - @5SOSMUCHHHHHHHH and her movella is called - A new start🐢. Also please if you have Instagram comment your usernames! I'm doing a following spree☺️ anyways thanks so much for 11k reads! Y'all are just so amazing I would have never thought of getting past 75 reads. Love you my penguins!! <3

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