New life, New problems

Kat is a normal 16 year old girl that is insecure and self conscious. She finds out that on her 17th birthday she will be moving to Australia where she ends up living next to a boy named Luke hemmings.she makes new friends and makes tons of unforgettable memories. her life completely changes. but what will happen when everything turns for the worse?


2. Australia

Kat's P.O.V

I woke up to light nudges on my shoulder,

"Hey,sis we're landing soon so I need to wake you up." I had heard Taylor whisper.

"Ugh,Tayyyy"I decided to whine just for the fun of it.

Next thing I know,he was laughing

A couple minutes later we were landing,I'm actually kinda of nervous/excited to see what our house looks like...but then again I'm still upset I'm not back home in America.

I told my mom that I was going to wonder off to get some food and for her to text me when she has the luggage.I guess i was day dreaming while I was walking when all of a sudden I bump into someone and fall over.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry I should have been paying attention, are you okay?!" Said whoever I bumped into.

"Yea,that my was fault I'm sorry I guess I was daydreaming."when I looked up I saw hazel green eyes looking over me.

"Hi,I'm Ashton!"he had said with a big smile.he was tall compared to me since I'm only 5.7.

"H-hi I'm Katoline but you can call me Kat." I managed to say,he was really cute.

"Are you new to Australia?Because you definitely don't have an Aussie accent." He asked

"Yea I just moved here from America."God I missed home right now.

"I could maybe show you around after we get to our houses?ill give you my number."Before I new it he was writing down a number on a small sheet of paper.

"Okay thanks! I'll see you later?"I asked.

"Yea definitely." He smiled and we walked off.

I was actually having a party in my head right now because it's my birthday and I just got a cute guys number.When we get to the house I seriously need to skype Bri she's going to freak.

~skips to car ride~

I was playing on my phone when a car came to a stop.I looked out my window and saw a huge house! I couldn't say anything but just stare in awe.

" there are 10 bedrooms in the house, 8 upstairs and 2 downstairs." Mom explained. (Plz don't ask why I put so many😂)

As soon as the door opened the house door I bolted upstairs to pick out my room. There was a long hall that ended in what looked like another living room. On each side of the hall there were two rooms far apart from each other. I decided that I would go with the one end of the right side.

When I entered the room i was amazed! I had a master room and bathroom, the room it self was also huge! There was also a huge window looking out over the pool! Wait,We have a pool!!!!

I immediately skyped Bri

"Omg Kat I am so jealous!I seriously need to visit soon!" Bri screamed over skype.

"Ikr,And you really need to come over I might introduce you to my friend ash!"

"Whose ash?"Bri said while smirking.

"He's a boy that I ran into at the airport and he gave me his number and said that he would show me around Australia." I explained.

"Kat you just got there!You can't get a cute boy without me!" She said laughing.

"Haha but hey I gtg eat dinner I'll text u in a few." I said

"Okay bye!"and we ended the call.

I decided that i would text ash in the meantime.

(A-ash K-Kat)

K-hey it's Kat

A-hey!when can I show you around?

K-Um can we do tomorrow ?im really tired from flying I think I'm going to go to bed soon.

A-Yea tomorrow is fine I'll text you in the morning sleep well beautiful.

K-okay and thanks

He.Called.Me.Beautiful.but I don't know if I feel that way about him I mean we just met.and after that happened I went and ate dinner and went to sleep.

Authors note

Hi guysss this is chapter 2! I hope you like it! Please comment any suggestions or what you think about it!:)

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