When Natalia(Tris mom) leave the home for buy some stuff, did Tris hear her mom screaming outside the door, when tris opened the door, her mom wasn't there anymore, she looked down and cried to she found a letter with a mission
Are Tris going to take this alone? to fight for her mother?


1. The Letter

Tris Pov 

 Mom "Your favorite show is beginning honey"  I took the chips and run down stairs and jumping on the couch. Watching Teen wolf make me crazy, specielle when i am seeing "Derek" i die (Just kidding).. Mom: How many times do i have to tell you not to jump, on the couch?"

Tris: Sorry Mom when teen wolf is on i am crazy..                                      

Mom: Well i have to go out and shop..Need something?"  She always ask me bc she always know that i want something..She knows what i want 

Mom: I already know what you want T.  

My mom always calling me the "T" it stands for Tris.. and yes i am still with my boyfriend Tobias <3 His is now in the army for fight against the enemies, like the "last time" Jeanine..yeah Jeanine Matthews that bitch who was against us all, to get the power..of the world. Still hate her, i guess where she is right now..I dont know 

Mom: Well i am going out then, see you later honey 

Tris: Bye Mom and remember

and walked over to her to give her a kiss on the cheek. Then she walked out and i jumped again on the couch. I heard her screamed loud and i through all the chips and run fast over the door, i open it and the only thing i saw was a black car and  i cried and yelled so loud..That i fall down and saw that necklace i gave her to her birthday, and a letter. And it was for "me"

Dear Tris 

Hope you will be alright that we took your mother away from you.. If not i don't care. Listen carefully you are going trough a mission i will send you out to if you want your mother being alive instead of died, are you going to fail, you know what i end to your mother.. And only you..and you are going through this and nobody knows about what you doing.. I will being watching you all the time, 

- The leader...  

My mom was kidnapped by a car and i have no idea who it should be.. I heard some car stand front of me, but i didn't look up "Babe are you okay i heard you scream" it was Tobias, i just want to cry but i cant, i can't tell him what happened to my mom.. Then i will fail and she will...she will..i can't even say the word..It feels like a knife that came through the heart. I stand up and gave him huge hug, i didn't even look at his face bc i cried. "I am alright Tobias, why are you not on the army?" i asked him, 

Tobias: I said i was sick and have to go home, i lied i know,  but i just want to see you, and on the halfway i heard you scream out loud. 

Wow he could actually heard me, i don't know what to say.. And its cute of him to come and visit me, it have been a long time ago i haven't see him lately... 


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