Can you save me? *Harry Styles Fanfiction*

3 years ago. 3 years ago my sister died. My one and everything. I loved her and I still do, and i always will.

Ashley's sister died 3 years ago, and she never got over her. What will happen when she's the first one to find out her mother is dead in a car accident and she's storming into her dad's office to tell him, but doesn't see that he has a meeting?

Can five certain boys save her from the depression she has had in 3 years? Or is it one certain boy?

Read to find out!

**I'm not a Directioner so don't judge if I get any facts wrong, thanks**


1. Meee!

Name: Ashley Cowell

Age: 18

Family: My parents are Simon Cowell and Lauren Cowell (I know they're not married but whatever), I had a sister, but she died 3 years ago and that made me what I am today

Looks: Brown hair, ocean blue eyes, a little bit tan, toned, tattoos everywhere on my right arm and hips, piercings in my ears, nose, eyebrow and navel

Likes: Singing, dancing, boxing, sport, black, tattoos, piercings, my motorbike (just kidding I absolutely LOVE it), my Ferrari (hey my dad's rich and I got it for my 18th birthday) and rock music

Dislikes: ONE DIRECTION, 5SOS, bitches/brats, jocks, wannabes, white, love (except my mom and dad), dresses, high heels (I'm only wearing them if absolutely necessary!), boys (I'm not lesbian just to your information, but you know.. All boys are the same)

Best friend: Silver Jones

Looks: Dirty blond hair, brown eyes, her look is just like mine;)

Likes: Dancing, singing, sport, black, piercings, tattoos, me:), rock music, boys with blue eyes, etc.,

Dislikes: We hate the same things.. That's why we're best friends


Heeeyy everybody! So that's the girls:) I hope you will enjoy the story when I publish the first chapter:D

It's my first story so no judging! I'm sorry if the grammar is a little bit bad, but there's nothing I can do about it! Haha.. Well I hope you enjoy!

Xenia K. Xoxo

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