New house, new start, new people


1. MOVING!!!

"Ashley,ashton hurry up our plane leaves in 30 minutes grab your stuff and let's GO!!"

"Sorry mum we are hurrying!"

I said trying to hold back the sobs

What's wrong my brother asked "everything" I replied

Hehe just embrace md me in to a hug so I just let silent sobs come out

"I can't take it any more ash"

"It's ok sis just remember even though mom is forcing to move I will always still love you no matter what dad left us and mom might to but we will always be there for each other right?"


We left and after we got to our new house in the u.s my mom just hit the dog shit out of me

I had to find ash he is the only person that I can talk to right now!

I found him but with new people

Damn I had no clue he could make friends faster than me

One had blue hair and a band tattooed around his fore arm

The other one hade black hair and looked Asian

Another one had blond hair in a quiff and a lip percing

And he was HOT!!!

He started walking over to me and I freaked but at the same time I played it cool

"Hi my name is"....

(A/n , HI GUYS!! So this is my first fan fiction so feel free to leave comments and if this sucks I am very sorry so I will try to update as much as possible!! Love you guys 😘😘❤️)

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