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I wake up reluctantly, my eyes still heavy with sleep as I roll over. Everything's sort of blurry, I can't really see in the morning. I look over to my nightstand, my eyes graze over the framed smiles of childhood and family. Then my eyes follow the cord that's plugged into the wall to my phone. The little red light on the top blinks. Messages? Already? Ugh! What time is it? It's too early for this!

I check my phone: 10:01am

*3 missed calls*

*5 new messages*

All from Chris. Chris! Shoot! I forgot all about her! I'm supposed to help her move today. What time was I supposed to help her move? 9! Ugh! She's going to kill me!!!!

I collect myself and then check the messages, I want to see how mad she is so I can prepare myself for when I call her.

2:42 am : Babe, are you still awake?

Oh right! Her and I were Skypeing last night and she fell asleep on it. I knew she was asleep, so I said "goodnight my princess" and I hung up.

8:47am: Babe, are you up?

8:51am: Babe, can you come at 10 instead, please? :*

*she's big with the "babe" and "baby" and ... Well ... Just about every other pet name*

8:51am: Unless, of course, you're already on your way?

9:47am: Actually, J, just text me when you wake up, okay?

I feel awful. I don't even know what to say.

Just as I'm about to text her, my phone beeps.

Chris: None of us are ready, yet. So don't worry about waking up late. Just call or text when you wake up!

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