McBusted fanfiction. *Also published on Wattpad*
Ashleigh (Ash) Fletcher is Tom, from McBusted's younger sister. What will happen with her and two of Tom's band mates, Dougie and James?


2. Chapter 2

"Hello Ash" Danny and Harry said hugging me as I walked in the room.
"Hey Danny, hi Haz" I said trying to sound as cheerful as possible, I failed though.
"Wassup?" Danny asked
"Don't matter"
We all talked for a while. Well everyone apart from me, I was just sitting there, I kept looking at James. He kept looking at me quickly from time to time. Tom and Gi walked in, Gi came and sat by me while Tom sat by Matt and Dougie.
Tom avoided any eye contact with both me and James. I've messed James’ friendship with Tom so much.
I stood up and walked out the room and up the stairs. I reached my room and locked the door behind me; I walked over to my bed and reached for my box under it. I pulled it out and unlocked it; I grabbed my lighter and cigarettes. I have to hide them Tom doesn't know I smoke; he'd probably kick me out if he did. I know smoking fags isn't the worst thing, it's the other thing I do from time to time, but I'm not addicted.
I took the roll up and lit it. I opened the windows and took the fumes in. Someone knocked on the door while I was sat on my bed smoking.
"Shit!" I mumbled quietly to myself. I quickly put the fag out and put it into the bin. At least it's a metal one. They knocked again a little more impatiently this time.
"Ash, let me in" an accent said.
"Two secs"
"Wait!" I warned pushing the box under my bed.
"I'll break the door open if you don't open it now!"
"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I said jogging slightly to the door. I opened the door. "Yeah Doug?"
"I know what you’re doing. I can smell it on you!"
"What am I doing?" I said trying to sound as innocent as possible.
"Please, don't try and do the innocence act. I know you're smoking and not just the normal ones"
"You have no proof"
"Y'know it has a distinctive smell, just get rid of it, please!"
"No! I'm not addicted! You can't fucking make me!" I whisper shouted.
"Tom will suss out what you’re doing, and then you'll be in deep shit"
"No, just fuck off"
"No, I'm gonna stay here until you give me the drugs!"
"No, what I do with my life is private! You were like the only one that respected that and now your being just like the rest!" I said pushing past him and walking to the bathroom.
"Ash..." Dougie said helplessly.
"Ash, I'm sorry, it will ruin your life! I'm just trying to look out for you"
"I know Doug, I only do it when I am pissed off and don't know what to do"
"Will you get rid of them?"
"For you"
"Thank you baby girl"
"No problem Dougwash"
"By the way what happened with you, James and Tom?"
"Long story"
"I have time"
"Fine," I sighed walking into my room Dougie following me "basically when James came up earlier we chatted and lay on my bed, we looked at each other and kissed, then Tom came up while we were kissing. He had a go at James, so I had a go Tom saying it was me who started the kiss so it should be me he had a go at not James, Tom stormed off and had a mood in his room, Gi came and tried to sort things out. It has half worked but I dunno if Tom has forgiven me yet"
"That's a lot to take in"
"That's without all the extra information"
"Okay, I'm sure if Tom hasn't already, he will forgive you in no time, and he'll forgive James, they've been mates for so long he'd be stupid to lose him over a kiss"
"Guys, we're going out, you coming?" Matt asked sticking his head through the door way.
"Yeah," Dougie replied "Ash, you too" he continued.
"Okay" I agreed. Grabbing my blue pumps and slipping them on. I jumped on Dougie’s back and he carried me down stairs. James stuck his thumb up at me and smiled I smiled and nodded.
"Where we going?" Dougie asked.
"Cinema" Harry replied.
"Who's coming with me?" Matt asked.
"I will" Harry said.
"Ditto" James said.
"Ashleigh you're with me" Tom said quickly.
"Um. Okay?"
"I'll come with you, Tom" Dougie said.
"I'm with Matt then?" Danny said. Tom didn't respond, he just walked out to his car and got in. Everyone followed in silence and got in the cars. I headed to the back seat before Tom stopped me.
"Front I don't want you trying it on with Dougie" Tom said blocking me from getting in the back. I looked at him with annoyed and sad eyes.
"Tom gives her a break, she has a life, and you can't control everything she does!" Gi argued "Ash I'm sitting in the front"
"Thanks Gi" I said smiling at her. I jumped in the back by Dougie. I saw Tom look at me through the mirror, he was really pissed off. My phone went off as Tom set off.
"Who's that?" Tom asked almost automatically.
"Tom!" Gi warned.
"I'm asking a question"
"It's Harry" I lied.
"Its James then"
"Why does it even matter if it is?"
"It does okay! He's my friend! And you both broke the trust I had in you!"
"You trusted us not to kiss? Kisses aren't planned, you don't plan everything! I'M SORRY TOM! I'm sorry I ever came back into your life!"
"Don't say that! I hated it when you went away! When you came back it was one of the best day of my life!"
"You sure act like it Tom! All we seem to ever do is argue even over pointless things!" I said, Tom reached some traffic lights and stopped "I'm walking" I added getting out the car and slamming the door shut. I grabbed my headphones and put them in my phone and started playing Olly Murs.
A couple of streets later, someone beeped their car horn at me. I ignored them, thinking it was some teenage boys messing around.
"Ash, why you walking?" Danny shouted at me, I turned to face him as Matt pulled up at the side of the road.
"Cus Tom is a dick" I replied.
"We have space if you want a lift?" Matt asked.
"Saves me walking, thanks" I replied, climbing over Harry and sitting between him and James. "Dougie texted us telling us to look out for you cus you decided to walk" Danny said turning around in his seat to face me.
"Coolies, thanks guys"
"Even Gi's pissed off with Tom isn't she?"
"Yeah" I didn't really want the convocation, so I was giving them short answers.
"What happened?" Harry asked.
"Ermm..." I started.
"You don't have to tell us if you don't want" James said.
"I'd rather not just now" I replied," what film we seeing?"
"The new Disney one?"

"The same"
"Yey!" I said excitedly. We were about 5 minutes away from the cinema, when my phone went off. Tom was calling me; I ignored the call and put my phone away.
"Tom?" Danny asked.
Harry's phone went off, he answered it.
"Hello Tom," Harry started, he paused while Tom was talking to him. "I'm not sure she wants to talk she didn't pick up just when you call her" he continued. Tom talked a bit more "okay see you in a few" he finished and hung up. "He still seems pretty pissed off, just a warning"
I groaned and put my face in my hands.
"You'll make up, I'm sure" Danny said.
"What's the point, it's like he practically doesn't want me to be near him half of the time" I replied lifting my head up from my hands.
"Ash, Tom was thrilled when you came back, before he was always talking about this amazing sister he has, and that's you! He still talks about you when we've been on tour, you need to make up! I don't matter what happened, but you need Tom and he needs you" Danny explained. Harry started clapping.
"Danny has said something intelligent and in a big portion" Harry said applauding Danny. I laughed at the both. Harry stopped and turned to look at me. "Danny is right though Ash, you need to make up even if it does take a little longer than usual"
"I know but we fall out as quickly as we made up" I replied.
"I really don't think either of you will want to fall out any time soon"
"I guess" I replied. The car fell silent as Matt drove into the cinema car park.
Everyone got out the car and walked over to the entrance where everyone else was waiting for us. Gi walked over to me and James and walked inside with us.
"You two alright?" She asked, I nodded.
"Yeah, thanks" James replied. Gi gave James a look as if she was saying 'can you just go for a minute', James walked over to Matt and Dougie, who was getting tickled by Matt. James turned his head and we shared a look.
"Ash, Toms annoyed with what happened," she started, I nodded my head "but when you got out to walk his face looked scared, like he thought you were going to leave. I don't want to ask anything more than this though; you won't leave will you?"
"I won't leave, forever, but sometimes he makes me feel as if I should, but I haven't" I said my eyes looking at James.
"He is sorry about what happened, but it is sort of understandable that it’s going to take him longer to forgive you, and James, this time"
"I know" I mumbled with a half-smile, looking at Gi.
"We can go in now" Tom said walking over to us. He had sadness and anger in his eyes, Gi held back and walked with Danny and Harry. Tom walked awkwardly beside me; I just looked forward avoiding eye contact with him. We entered the cinema room, and Matt, Dougie and James walked to the top and sat in the middle seats. I went to go and sit by them; James was at the end so Tom grabbed my wrist, stopping me from sitting by him. He let Danny, Harry and Gi sit down, he sat beside Gi. Great I have to spend 90 minutes sitting by Tom.
"I'm going to sit down there" I mumbled and walked down the stairs and sat on the opposite side to Tom at the front seats on the stairs. I looked up at them and gave Tom a spiteful smile. Dougie, Danny and Matt were spluttering with laughter, I smiled nicely at them.
"Is this far away enough from James, Tom?" I asked cheekily "if I'm still too close I can sit right at the front for you" I added standing up, all the boys apart from Tom laughed at me. Gi looked as if she was trying to stop herself from laughing
"For fucks sake Ash!" Tom said.
"Language!" I warned.
"Don't be like that"
"Like what? This is what you talk to me like, it isn't nice! Is it Tom? Having people talk to you like this every day of your life" I said back, I sat back it the chair.
"I'm sorry Ash, I don't know why I let you back into my life" Tom said back, the boys fell silent and I ran out the room. "Shit! Ash I didn't mean it! I'm sorry"
I ran out the cinema and sat on the kerb. My phone started ringing, Dougie was calling me, I ignored it. He carried on trying so did the others, I ignored them all. I put my head in my hands; two people came and sat by me. I looked up at them, it was Gi and Dougie.
"I'm not going back in there" I said firmly.
"We won't make you, Tom was out of order saying that, he instantly regretted it" Dougie said putting his arm over my shoulder.
"Makes no difference"

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