McBusted fanfiction. *Also published on Wattpad*
Ashleigh (Ash) Fletcher is Tom, from McBusted's younger sister. What will happen with her and two of Tom's band mates, Dougie and James?


1. Chapter 1

I don't own any of the people mentioned apart from Ash/Ashleigh


"Where's ma girl?" Dougie shouted as he entered Tom's house. I jumped up and ran over to him.

"Harro Doug!" I cheered hugging him.

"How's my sister from another mister?"

"She's good, how's my brother from another mother?"

"He's doing great! D'you want your piggy back?"

"Of course!" I replied happily. I went behind Dougie, put my hands on either shoulder and jumped; he put his hands under my thighs and walked to the lounge.

"Where's Tom?" Dougie asked hitching me up a bit.

"He is... erm I dunno."

"That's really helpful Ash."

"I know, I think he went upstairs."

"Nahhh, he's in the kitchen, hey Doug," Gi said popping up behind us.

"Huh? Hi Gi! Thank you," Dougie replied smiling, he skipped off to the kitchen with me still on his back. Tom was looking out the window, day dreaming. Dougie walked quietly up behind him and blew in his ear. Tom immediately snapped out of his trance, wiping his ear.

"Nice! Lovely bit of spit with that, cheers Doug!" Tom said disgustedly, he wiped his hand over us both.

"I didn't do anything," I said frowning slightly.

"Yeah you did."

"Let me guess; I was born OR you're my sister?"

"Something along those lines, yeah," Tom said cheekily. Dougie chuckled quietly to himself, laughing out our little argument.

"You two are the best," he said with a slight chuckle.

"I'm the bestest one, Toms the worstest!" I said smiling at Tom.

"We both know I'm the better sibling, Ash," Tom replied rolling his eyes.

"Believe the lies then Tom, if that's what makes you happy," I said rubbing his arm.

"Can I put you down yet?" Dougie asked, leaning his head back looking at me.

"Yep," I said jumping down, "I'll be in here." I continued walking back in the lounge. I went to the sofa and flopped on it face first. I groaned into the cushion and rolled over and took my phone out my pocket. I held it above my head. Big mistake. It fell out of my hands and hit my head. I sat up rubbing where it hit me; I could hear splutters of laughter coming from somewhere. Probably laughing at me, I ignored it and lay back down and went onto twitter.

"Ash, I'm going out, I think Tom knows, just tell him if he asks. I'll see you later!" Gi said as she walked to the front door.

"Okay, see you later Gi. Have fun doing whatever you're doing!" I replied cheerfully, sitting up and waving as she walked out the door. I scrolled through my tweets for a bit and tweeted;

Just dropped my phone on my head, think I have a phone dent in my head now

I posted it and put my phone back in my pocket. I turned the TV on and scrolled through all the channels, I settled on The Big Bang Theory. During the break Tom and Dougie came in the room and handed me a cup of tea.

"Cheers Doug," I said taking it off him. They both stood in front of me and looked at my head.

"Yep, that's one big dent you have there," Dougie said prodding my head.

"Wow, that is big, you are one special child," Tom added, nodding in agreement. I pushed them away, laughing. They walked over to the other sofa and sat down beside each other.

"What you doing today?" Dougie asked me.

"I dunno yet," I said shrugging "what you doing?"

"What we doing Tom?"

"Well Danny, Harry, James and Matt are coming over later, and then we might go somewhere." Tom said, helping Dougie out.

"Right, coolies," I replied, looking back at the TV.

After two episodes of BBT, someone knocked at the door. Tom got up and answered it.

"Alright guys!" Tom said cheerily.

"Hello Tom," the first accent said.

"Alright mate," the second said. I sat up properly on the sofa, so they'd have somewhere to sit. James and Matt walked in. James...

"Heyo," I said hugging Matt.

"Heyo," he replied with a chuckle.

"Where's me Beanie hat girl?" James asked walking in.

"She hasn't got one on at the moment so she isn't a beanie hat girl," I replied smiling.

"I can't believe it! Are you ill?"

"Nahh, just forgot to put one on sorryyyy," I replied.

"Sorry ain't good enough."

"Sorry's not good enough, actually," Tom chimed in.

"Sorry, sorry's not good enough, you evil, evil child." James corrected

"Just cus I'm younger don't mean I'm a child," I argued back

"But you're light like a child and I can pick you up."

"Aww do you want a gold star?" I replied sarcastically.

"Yes please, not a beanie hat girl."

"You just made more effort for yourself."

"I know, now make with the gold star."

"Nope I don't have one."

"You... You lied to me?" James said sniffing.

"Yup," I replied popping the p.

"Can you two stop flirting any time soon?" Dougie asked.

"I can see a relationship being formed here," Matt added stroking his chin. Tom wasn't in the room which was a good thing by my standards seeing what happened in my last relationship.

"Arguing NOT flirting," I replied.

"Aww diddums, did you have a late night?" Dougie asked in a weird voice.

"Shut up!" I moaned throwing a cushion at him.

"Wow dropping you phone on your head has made you cranky," he said chucking the cushion back at me.

"It hasn't."

"It's an early night for you missy!"

"You can't make me!"

"I can get Tom to though."

"I'll ignore him."

"You won't ignore me!" Tom blurted out standing behind me.

"Shit!" I said a little shocked.


"Says you!"

"Yeah says me!"

"You always swear!"

"I'm older!"

"I'm only like 5 years younger than you!"


"Exactly what?"

"I'm older, this is my house, I allow you to live here, so you should listen to me!"

"Just cus you're older doesn't mean you can boss me around!"

"Kinda does!"

"Why does everyone think if they're older than me they can tell me what to do?!"

"I dunno ask someone!"

"I did you tard!"

"Fine someone that's not me?"

"They'll just say the same as you cus that's all everyone ever says!" I shout and storm out the room with Tom following me.

"Ahh sibling love, its great is it not?" James said to Dougie and Matt as I run up the stairs. I got to my room and locked the door; I just sat there staring into space with a few tears falling down my cheeks.

I was fine earlier now I'm like this. Tom has helped me through so much, and all I can do is argue with him over something so pathetic.

"Ash? You okay?" James asked from the other side of the door.

"I dunno," I replied sighing.

"Do you want to talk?"

"I'm not sure."

"Let me in then."

I stood up, unlocked the door and let him in.

"What's up?" James asked wiping a solitary tear away. His hand going across my face slowly and hugging me.

"I have no ide,a" I replied, limply wrapping my arms around him.

"I can't really help then."

"I know, I'm such a helpful, lovely person," I said with a slight chuckle.

"Helpful maybe, lovely yars."


"New way to say yes?"

"Oh right, it might catch on?" I said a bit confused. I walked over to my bed and fell on it, face first, James walked over and lay beside me. I rolled over so I was facing the ceiling; I felt James eyes on me and looked at him. He smiled and rolled on his side and turned to face him, looking into each other's eyes. James put his hand on my cheek and stroked it gently. A tingly feeling went through my body; he took his hand away from my cheek and rested it on my waist, his fingers resting lightly on my bum. He leaned in slightly, I mirrored his actions. I thought I heard a floorboard squeak and looked around slightly; James shook his head quickly and slightly. I turned back to face him, he leant in a bit more and placed his lips on mine, I closed my eyes as he kissed me, I kissed him back. I felt as if everything was going in slow motion while we were there. I felt his tongue rub against my lip, I wasn't thinking and I found myself allowing his tongue to search my mouth.

"WHAT THE FUCK JAMES? WHY ARE YOU KISSING ASH? GET OFF MY LITTLE SISTER!" Tom suddenly shouted, we immediately pulled apart, both quite breathless.

I stared at Tom, both shocked and scared.

"Tom..." I started but he cut me off.

"Ash, not now."

"Tom let me explain, please..."


"This is why I kissed James, I was pissed off. You never let me explain! You never give me a chance! It wasn't his fucking fault so don't have a go at him! Have a go at me! You usually do!" I said raising my voice, I sat up from my bed and looked Tom in the eye. He walked off and slammed the door to his and Gi's room.

"I'm so sorry Ash, I should've stopped..." James started.

"James, its fine. He just doesn't like the fact I have my own life outside of this house and I make my own decisions."

"Still, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let it happen," James said slipping his hand round my waist and I rested my head on his shoulder, tears slowly rolled down my cheek.

We sat in silence for a few minutes; Gi appeared at the doorway and looked at us sympathetically. She walked over and James moved away from me and stood up, walking over to my desk and leant against it fiddling with his fingers.

"What's happened?" Gi asked.

"A shit load," I replied.

"As in?" She questioned. I explained everything right up the argument I just had.

"I'll talk to Tom for you, I think he's taken it the wrong way," she said nodding his head.

"Can I tell him I'm sorry first?" James said running his hands through his hair.

"Yeah, sure," Gi said, James walked out the room to Tom's

"He will forgive me won't he?" I asked, turning to Gi.

"I'll make him, but I'm sure he will eventually."

"Okay, thank you," I said with a half-smile. James walked back in the room and Gi smiled and went to talk to Tom.

"He's pissed off," James said, standing by the wall awkwardly.

"Great. What did he say?"

"That we have to forget that this ever happened and we're just friends, and nothing will happen between us," James replied looking at his hands.

"Oh. He's really pissed off then," I said, looking all around the room "but I mean he always does this, with every boyfriend, it's like he don't want me to be happy or have a decent future with someone."

"I'm sure he does, he just doesn't want you to get hurt."

"Yeah, I 'spose," I sighed.

"Come here," James said walking over to me and hugging me.

"What's the matter with me James?" I mumbled into his chest.

"Nothing's wrong with you, now we better stop hugging before Tom has a go at us again," he replied with a chuckle.

I giggled slightly and pulled away from out hug.

"I'm going down stairs, you coming?" James asked holding out his hand.

"Yeah," I replied taking his hand. Tom can't have a go at me for this, I always hold the others hands when I'm upset or just in general.

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