Alleyway Tomophobia


2. Intro

      Cold summer nights, the city lies asleep but many roam at nightfall, this story starts with one man by the name of Simon.  Every day he did the same thing; wake up, go to work, come home, sleep, and restart the process again.  One day at his work place, he saw something that no one would of ever believed him for.  As he typed at his office out the corner of his eye he saw a women all in white bleeding black blood, with black hair and crimson gore on her arms.  She was walking down the middle of the cubicles as the entire office just worked with no consent of the beast.  A hour later again, he saw another thing out the corner of his eye; for this time it was a tall slim man with a mask wearing a white hoodie with black as night pants, the mask he wore was just white with no features.  He too walked down the center of the cubicles with no other office workers consent.  Simon now worried for he had just witnessed two bizarre occurrences, he knew he wasn't seeing stuff, he knew it was real. Real as you and me as one would describe a situation of similar consequences. Simon worked for the final two hours of his day being wary of any and all action outside his cubical, he soon became more focused on his computer that Phil walked up behind him and made small talk, Simon being entwined within his own world, Phil but said only one word for he isn't a main part of this story at least not at this point.  Phil asked if Simon was ok and within this small scale occurrence Simon Must of jumped twenty feet in the air out of straight fear for he was consumed in the report he was writing. When Simon hit the ground he stood up and looked straight at Phil with almost absolute silence, as if Phil was a monster he was studying him looking head to toe.  Phil said after five minuets of being observed "Are you coming over after work tonight?"  

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