Big mistake

Danika knoche was sick of her boring life in Texas, that was until her twin brother Hunter joined a band, and she met Dalton...


4. The first date

It was weird. Not weird as in 'OMG it's  so weird I hate this', but as in 'I love it here, it's so weird,', Y'know? He told me to dress cute but casual, as he did the same. You quickly grabbed your superman T-shirt and some black skinny jeans. You slipped on your chuck Taylor's and grabbed your IM5 hoodie, as it was only spring. Dalton texted you to meet him at inside out burger. Romantic. After a 10 minute longboard ride to inside out burger, I saw dalton. He looked so cute in his fly away hero T-shirt and black skinny jeans. We ate lots and lots of fries, as he knows I never get tired of eating them. He asked if he could blindfold me, I asked why, he said he wanted to take me somewhere special. I nervously accepted and started to regret it as he led me out of inside out burger into his car. We drove for about 20 minutes, until we stopped and dalton removed my blindfold. We were outside the doctor who experience in Texas! He draped a pass around my neck and told me it was a VIP pass. We took selfies with almost everything, the TARDIS, a weeping angel, a dalek, a cutout of the 12th doctor, the lot. When he dropped me home, I told him I had a great time. That was when I knew I had made a huge mistake. Not telling him what I thought of him on good riddance day. I immediately leaned in and kissed him. It was like 10 seconds of all my dreams tied into one perfect moment. What happened next was even better.

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