Big mistake

Danika knoche was sick of her boring life in Texas, that was until her twin brother Hunter joined a band, and she met Dalton...


2. The conversation that changed my life

After good riddance day, I spent the next few weeks hanging out with Dalton. We both agreed that it's unfair that the band member I didn't meet, Hunter Lucas, is being called 'hunter' and Hunter Knoche, the boy who started the band in the first place, is being called 'Knoche' or 'Thumper'.  We both like doctor who and adventure time too. After a huge debate over which doctor was better, eventually deciding on 10 or 11, I was called in by Kitty, the other band member and my best friend. She grabbed my arm and ran into my bedroom and sat me on the bed. She was grinning like an idiot.

"Okay, KitKat, what do you want?"

"Admit it"

"Admit what"

She was looking at me like I was demented

"That you like him"


"What do you mean? YOU LIKE DALTON!"

"What? No, kitty, NO, WE'RE JUST FRIENDS!"

 I secretly liked dalton since I saw him on the fence on good riddance day. I had lied to my best friend about something I had been telling myself since the day it happened. Kitty was now staring at me nervously.

"Well, this is awkward..." She said quietly.

"Why?" I asked curiously

"He likes you."

"Really? I don't believe you."

"Yeah, he does. And I'm gonna prove it too."

"Okay, KitKat, I'd like to see you try.

As I left the room I heard her mutter "oh, trust me, I will"

And guess what happened next...

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