Big mistake

Danika knoche was sick of her boring life in Texas, that was until her twin brother Hunter joined a band, and she met Dalton...


1. Good riddance day

Ugh. Life is so hard right now. Me and hunter are turning 18 this year and everything is going wrong. I had a fight with my best friend, my boyfriend is moving to London and decided we break up, and hunter is starting a band. Great. That means no jamming out on the guitar with hunter on the drums. I turn my phone onto silent, grabbed my guitar and headed out the backyard. I jump up onto the fence and pull my guitar out of the case. I tune it until it sounds okay (I'm too lazy to tune it perfectly) I start playing good riddance by green day. Once I've finished my song, I hear clapping and an unfamiliar voice says "you're really good, y'know" I turn around and I see a pair of intense pale blue eyes staring straight into my shocked brown ones. "Hi, I'm Dalton Rapattoni. Is this Hunter Knoche's house?" I reply, slightly nervous. "y-yes, I-I'm his sister..." My voice trailing off at the end. " are you his new band member?" I ask, as I see a guitar, just like mine, draped on his shoulder. He jumped onto the fence next to me, closer to me than anyone normally does. "Yeah. I love that song you were playing, Good Riddance by Green Day, right?" "Yeah." "Well, I should be off now. Dalton jumped off the fence. He started nervously looking at the floor and muttering something to himself as he turned away. He quickly turned back around to face me again. "B-By the way, c-can I have your number? I-in-I case I get lost or something..." He laughed, quite nervously. He let me write my number on his arm. I realized his arm was full of other drawings and quotes. "Man, he does like drawing on himself." I said to myself. He waved goodbye and ran into the house, trying to hide the fact he was turning bright red in the cheeks. I giggled as I jumped back onto the fence. My phone buzzed so I pulled it out and immediately recognized who the text was from. It read "good riddance, miss Danika :)" I muttered to myself "dalton", quietly giggling as I said it. I pulled my guitar from over my shoulder and started playing good riddance once again...

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