Big mistake

Danika knoche was sick of her boring life in Texas, that was until her twin brother Hunter joined a band, and she met Dalton...


5. Future

18 dates later, dalton proposed in Disneyland Paris. He climbed onto the balcony with a megaphone, and shouted into the megaphone "Danika Knoche, I have loved you since the fence situation on good riddance day, and always will love you. I cannot see life without you. So, Danika Knoche, will you marry me?" I obviously said yes. 6 months later, we had an adventure time themed wedding in a forest, dalton dressed as Finn and I dressed as princess bubblegum. Kitty was maid of honour and Thumper as best man. It was perfect. 1 year after that, I had a baby, two, in fact It was a healthy baby boy a healthy baby girl. Y'know what we called them? Hunter Lucas Knoche-Rapattoni and Katrina 'Kitty' Knoche-Rapattoni. Yep, i guess I made a pretty big mistake.

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