Big mistake

Danika knoche was sick of her boring life in Texas, that was until her twin brother Hunter joined a band, and she met Dalton...


3. Believable turnout

"Come on, Dani, let's GO!"

Kitty was so eager to prove that Dalton Louis Rapattoni, the cutest guy I've seen since Zac Efron, was, quote from Kitty, so desperately in love with me. Yeah, like that's true. Thumper, Kitty and I were hiding behind a bush, waiting for Hunter and Dalton to walk down the street. Finally, after 20 minutes of waiting for them, we heard a familiar voice. Hunter.

"So, Bud, let's talk about girls."

"Okay, when did you start calling me bud and/or caring about girls?"

"Aw," I thought, "he said and/or, I say and/or all the time!"

"Just thinking. Do you like anyone? Kitty's kind of hot, you agree"

"yeah, she's pretty cute, but she's not my type."

"then what is your type"

"my type are girls with dark hair and wide brown eyes, love adventure time and doctor who, plays guitar and sings, listens to green day, has a twin..."

"you just described Danika perfectly. You like her, don't you?"

"okay, yes, I like Danika. What are you gonna do?"

Kitty jumped up from the bush.

"Told you he liked you Dani!"

she grabbed my arm and yanked me up from the ground.

"oh, Dani! Um, h-hi-hey, um, h-hey." Dalton was bright red, just like when I gave him my number. I giggled a bit, which made him blush even more furiously than before. 

"Dani, look, I like you a lot. I was wondering if you, y'know, wanna go somewhere or-"

i interrupted him before he exploded with shame and embarrassment

"yes, Dalton. I'll go out with you."

suddenly a huge outburst of clapping and cheering came out from behind us. I forgot the guys were here too. So there it is. Turns out dalton and I became more than just friends. You're probably wondering what happened on the first date, or what happened afterwards, so I'll tell you. In the next chapter.

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