Bad boys do it better

Hello, my name is Susan. You don't know me, but I bet you do know one of my classmates of High School, Zayn Malik. He really was the bad boy of the school.


6. Truth or dare

Harry's p.o.v.:

"What the fuck are you doing?" Asked Zayn to me. "Like you say, fucking." I said although I was slightly embarassed. "Oh really? I had no idea." said Zayn sarcastic. "How dare you fuck her if you know we're a couple?" he asked. "Were." I correct him. I stood now infront of Zayn. He looked at me, up and down. Then I realised I was naked so I covered my balls with my hands. Zayn noticed it and smirked. "You don't like it that I see you naked, Harry? AWW, poor boy." "Shut up." I said. "Why? I'm not the one who forgot the bro-code." said Zayn. THe bro-code says that you can't fuck a girl if someone of your friends has feelings for her. "You're lucky, Styles. I'll leave it for once. But if I catch you another time..." Zayn didn't finish the sentence for the drama and left. I dressed myself in silence and left as well. It was already mourning when I entered my house so I took a quick shower, ate breakfast and went to school. I slept the entire day during school and at night, I went to a party. I was surprised to see Susan at the party. Especially because it's a Wednesday night. She doesn't seem the type to go to parties during the week. I was playing truth or dare with a fiew people. "James, truth or dare?" A guy named Nathan asked. "Dare ofcourse. "Do you dare to finger Susan infront of us?" asked Nathan. "It would be my pleasure." smirked James. This is wrong. So fucking wrong. "Dude, she isn't even playing!" I said; trying to defend her. "So what? That's part of the game. You even fucked a girl because of this game, remember?" replied Nathan. "Yeah, but that was different. At least we had some privacy." I said. "Dude, just leave if you can't handle it; I've got no problems with that. But don't fucking spoil the fun." replied James angry. "Whatever." I sighed. "Susan, come here!" He called her like she was his dog. "What?" She replied annoyed; yet she came. "Put out your dress." he ordered. "Excuse me?" she aksed. "Are you deaf? Put out your dress!" A girl named Clarissa said. "What? No! I'm not a whore!" Susan replied angry. James walked towards her and to my surprise, he was strong enough to rip the dress of off Susan without putting it down. Susan was now standing there in nothing but here heels, her bra and her panties; totally embarassed. People laughed, cheered and whistled. The other teenagers at the party watched Susan. James ripped of her bra and her panties and made sure Susan layed on the ground. She was crying in silence. "That's the girl who fucked Malik and Styles!" "She's a whore!" Several people yelled. James put his fingers in Susan, very hard. Susan groaned loudly, it hurt her alot. "Do you like it, whore?" Someone yelled.

Zayn's p.o.v.:

"Who the fuck dared to call Susan a whore!" I yelled as I entered the room. It was silence, almost. The only thing you could hear was someone moaning. And then I saw Susan lying naked on the ground. James was still fingering her. Nathan burned Susan's clothes and Clarissa threw her shoes through the window. It made me more angry than I already was. "I told you to stay away from her, didn't I?" I asked James. "No, Zayn. You didn't. You told me to stay away from you girl. SInce she isn't your girl anymore, I can do whatever I want." Louis helped Susan on her feet and I gave her my sweater. It was big enough to cover her body. "And if you didn't know it yet, Susan is a whore. She fucked you, she fucked Styles and I fingered her. In less than a fiew weeks. That is what I call a whore. "Louis, take Susan away from here, will ya?" I asked Louis as I jumped on James and started to fight him. Revenge is so sweet. After 10 minutes, Harry, Josh and Oliver (my team mates in soccer) had to stop me and they calmed me down. We left the party and Harry brought us to Louis' house.

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