Bad boys do it better

Hello, my name is Susan. You don't know me, but I bet you do know one of my classmates of High School, Zayn Malik. He really was the bad boy of the school.


9. Moving on

Niall's p.o.v.:

I was lying in bed when someone called me. It was Zayn, so I picked it up. "Hello?" "Niall? Zayn here. Can you come to my appartment? I have to ask you something important. "Ofcourse I want to be your best man, Zayn." I replied. "Huh, what? What the hell are you talking about?" asked Zayn confused. "I assume you and Susan are going to marry, so ofcourse I want to be your best man!" I explained smiling. "What? We aren't going to marry, you idiot. Just come to my appartment, okay?" "Okay." Ofcourse I knew he wouldn't ask that, but the lads and I joke with that alot. I wasn't planning to go to school anyway. After a quarter of driving, I arrived at Zayn's appartment. When I entered his appartment, I gave Zayn and Susan a hug. We all sat down in the couch. "You want something to drink?" Asked Susan but I friendly denied it. "What's the matter?" I asked. "Susan and I... want to live in Ireland." said  Zayn slow. "Yeah, joke's over. What's the matter?" "Zayn and I want to live in Ireland." confirmed Susan. "Wait, you're serious?" I asked, just to be sure. They both nodded. "Why..." "Family troubles." Interrupted Zayn before I could even continue my sentence. I nodded slowly. "Alright, I got it." "Can you help us?" asked Zayn. "Ofcourse I can help you. I inherited my grandparent's house." I saw their unsure faces. "Don't worry, it's not old fashion. Or at least, not anymore. My brother helped me to make it more modern." I added. "That sounds great, thank you!" said Susan smiling. "Any time. Zayn, are you going to tell the others?" I said and he sighed. "Yeah... I just hope they'll understand." he answered. "Most likely. Don't worry about it.

Zayn's p.o.v.:

After schooltime, I went to the practice of the soccer team. It was a nice practice, probably my last on this school. We chilled at Harry's appartment after the training. Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam were there. We layed down in the couch. "Zayn, how are you and Susan doing?" asked Liam. "Speaking of that... Susan and I are going to live in Ireland." I answered. There was a silence. "Why aren't you laughing?" asked Louis. "Because I'm serious ofcourse." "What about the team?" Asked Harry disappointed; I sighed. "I'm sorry, mate. It's the best for Susan and I." "What do you mean?" asked Liam. "We have some troubles with her father." I said and Louis smirked. "What's so funny?" I asked him. "Let me guess, he thinks you're a criminal." He said smiling and my mouth dropped open. "How..." "You're in the newspaper, mate. Families like Susan's then think you're a criminal." "Whatever. Anyway, I hope you guys don't mind I'm going to leave..." I said. "Ofcourse not. We'll miss you, but it's your choice." answered Liam. He's the smart guy of the group. "Group hug!" Said Niall and Louis in choir so we did. "But don't even think of leaving withou one good party." smirked Harry. "I wouldn't dream of it."

Susan's p.o.v.:

We spent the almost the rest of the day at Harry's appartment, except for dinner. "I say we go eat nando's." suggested Niall. "You barely say anything else." smiled Zayn. "That's not true!" "Yes, Niall. It is. You always talk about food." Joined Louis the conversation. "AHA! So you admit I also say other thing than 'I say we go eat nando's'." Said Niall and everybody rolled their eyes. "Point is, Niall, that you only talk about food." said Liam. "Okay, that might be true." Replied Niall which made us laugh. It was a really fun afternoon. In the evening, we built a party (just for us). Louis, Liam and I were the only one who weren't drunk. Someone knocked loud on the door. We stopped the music and Harry opened the door. It was James. He wore black clothes. His clothes were as dark as his eyes. In his hands, he held a knife - ready to attack.

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