Bad boys do it better

Hello, my name is Susan. You don't know me, but I bet you do know one of my classmates of High School, Zayn Malik. He really was the bad boy of the school.


11. Ignore the world

Susan's p.o.v.:

When I woke up, I felt Zayn's warm spot in the bed, but I didn't feel Zayn. That was until I heard a knock on the door. "Good mourning, sweetie." Zayn said. He stood there with a plate full of breakfast in his hands, wearing nothing but a boxer shorts. I bit my lip. "What?" he asked. "Nothing." I said shaking it off. It's a little weird to say 'I'm staring at you because you're so hot'. "Are you sure?" "Yes, gentleman. I'm sure." Zayn put the plate down and I placed my hands on his cheeks; kissing him slowly. I know it drives him crazy. "You don't give me a choice, Susan. I'll need to have you for breakfast." Even though I'm getting used to his dirty words, I still blush every time he uses them. We dressed eachother out, kissing hard. "I love you so much." Zayn moaned as I kissed his soft place on his neck. He was naked, but I sitll wore my underwear. We drowned in eachother's eyes while I put off my bra and put my panties down. Zayn stroke my sex. First gently, then hard. He made me come. When I was ready, he sucked. "Oh. My. Goodness." I moaned, Zayn smirked. "What?" I asked suspicious. "Nothing." He said and kissed me. "I... might have a fiew condomes with me..." Said Zayn slowly. "You always have." I replied smiling. I made Zayn come and he put on the condome. He put his penis in me which made me moan. It's been way too long since the last time. It feels like it's been ages. I closed my eyes; enjoying every minute I'm with Zayn. When we were done, we layed down naked next to eachother. "I love you." I whispered as he kissed my cheeks. "I love you too." Zayn whispered and he layed on top of me. We kissed eachother passionly. "Breakfast was delicious." Smirked Zayn which made me giggle. "Oh, shut up. "What? I mean it. You're not only really beautiful, you're also very delicious." He said and I started a pillow fight with him. I have to admit, it's weird to hold a pillow fight naked. "I'm going to take a shower." "AWW, no. Don't leave me." whined Zayn. "I never said you can't join me." I smirked.

Zayn's p.o.v.:

"Maybe we should discover Ireland today." I suggested, Susan nodded. "Sounds good." She wore a blue jeans and an All Time Low t-shirt. Somehow, everything she wears suits her perfectly. I stood right infrond of her; kissing her slowly. We walked outside. The weather was pretty good. Everything is so green. Like the hills and stuff like that. I see green everywhere. We entered an ice cream shop. I ordered a mocha milkshake and Susan ordered a chocolate milkshake. While drinking, I got lost in her beautiful blue eyes. "What?" asked Susan. "You're so beautiful." I told her and I meant it. Susan blushed but I don't know why. Why doesn't she realise how beautiful she is? I kissed her lips gently. When Susan drank of her milkshake, there stayed a bit behind on her lips. I took it off with my finger and licked it. Neither of us can resist to look in eachother's eyes. We could do this for hours, forgetting the time and ignoring the world. That's what we do all the time. It's just us. No one else. In a crowded space, I'd only see Susan. We walked outside again. Nearby, there was a lake. We just put our feet in the water and talked. It wasn't a useful conversation, but it doesn't always have to be. Sometimes, useless is perfect

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