Bad boys do it better

Hello, my name is Susan. You don't know me, but I bet you do know one of my classmates of High School, Zayn Malik. He really was the bad boy of the school.


8. Fool

Susan's p.o.v.:

I woke up by the noise of my buzzing Phone. "Who is it?" asked Zayn sleepy. Damn, his sleepy voice is so sexy. I looked at my Phone. "It's... It's my dad." I answered hesitating. Yet, I decided to pick up the call. "Hello?" "Susan? Where are you?" My dad asked rather calm. "I'm with a friend. Why?" I asked, trying to speak as casual as possible. "I hope for you it's not that friend from the newspaper?" My dad asked; I tried to be calm. "Ofcourse not." "Do not liet to me, Susan Mary Bones!" He only uses my full name when he is angry. "I spoke to some people, Susan. They saw you leaving with him." "You did what?" I asked angry. "You heard me well. Clearly you forgot I forbade you too see him. I'm now at his house, Susan. So open the door." My dad said, so I hung up the Phone. "What's the matter?" asked Zayn. "Dress yourself. Quickly." I replied a bit dreamy. I did the same. "He is here." I informed Zayn, you could hear I was scared. "What?" Zayn asked confused. "My dad. He is here." Yet, I was so foolish to open the door. "Why aren't you home?" My dad asked, while he looked at Zayn up and down. "Because she is with me." "Mind your own business, criminal." "Oh really? You think I'm a criminal because you saw 1 picture of me in the newspaper? Besides, this is also my business cuz Susan is my girlfriend." Zayn said angry. "She is what? Susan... Are you... Are you dating him?" My dad asked confused; I nodded. "Even when I forbade you too see him?" "You don't choose my friends or boyfriends, dad." I replied more confident. "Is that what you think, Susan? Is that really what you think? Guess what? You're wrong. You see, I sent you to a boarding school in Scotland. Say goodbye to your boyfriend, Susan. You won't see him anymore." My dad said and he left.

Zayn's p.o.v.:

Susan burst out into tears. She was sitting on the ground; I hugged her. "I don't want to leave you, Zayn. Please let me stay with you?" Susan asked crying. "If we stay here, your dad will find us. But... We might can get away. Do you remember Niall? The blonde guy from the first party you went to?" He's from Ireland. Maybe - if you agree - we can live their. Start all over again. What do you think?" "Don't you have to go to school?" Susan asked which made me laugh. "I skip school more often. I'm the badass of the school, remember?" I said smiling and planted a kiss on her nose. "Besides, we can go to college in Ireland, if you want. So, what do you think?" I asked. Susan leaned in and kissed me passionly. "Is that a yes?" I asked and Susan nodded. "I love you, Zayn. But you talk to much." She said and we had a passionate make out session

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