Bad boys do it better

Hello, my name is Susan. You don't know me, but I bet you do know one of my classmates of High School, Zayn Malik. He really was the bad boy of the school.


2. Bad girl

Susan's p.o.v.:

I can't believe what I just did... I had sex with the most popular boy on the entire school! Was this what James warned me for? 'He is nothing but trouble.' Is it true? Maybe Zayn doesn't like me at all. What if he used me? I think I should just forget about him. He won't like me anyway. I'm just going to ignore him tomorrow. After the boring dinner with my parents, I went to my room. I logged in on Facebook and saw I had 2 friend request, one from Zayn and one from James. James was online and talked to me after I accepted his request. "Hey Susan, how're you doing?" "I'm good, thanks. And you?" "Me too. There is a party Friday night. Would you like to join me?" James asked; I was doubting. "I don't know, I'm not really into parties." I answered. "Let me guess, you've never been to a party, have you?" "Shut up." I said although he was right. My parents would never let me go to a party and I like being alone. I'm not fond of crowded people. "So you're in?" I quickly asked my parents; as I expected, they said no. "Sorry, my parents don't want me to go." "Then say you're going to a friend's sleep-over or something. But not now already, they'll get suspicious." Is he getting mad? I'm not going to lie to my parents... What if they find out? "C'mon, don't be a pussy and have fun. I know you can be a bad girl if you want to. I've heard you had sex with Zayn in the boys' bathroom, so this shouldn't be a problem." What the hell? How did he find out? "How do you know???" I asked him. "So it's true? I thought it was just another rumour. Everyone knows about it, except the teachers. Now I know you can be a bad girl... Are you in or not?" "Whatever." "Alright, I'll pick you up at 10 pm. Make sure you're ready." "Sure." I said and went off line, it was already 11 pm so I decided to go to bed.

James' p.o.v.:

During the rest of the week, nothing special happened. Friday after school, I first played on the x-box before preparing myself. I took a shower and put some gel in my hair. I decided to wear a black skinny jeans and a blue shirt. At 10 pm, I was at Susan's house. Clearly, her parents weren't home so Susan opened the door. She was wearing a little black dress with black high heels. I looked in her eyes. They were even more beautiful than usual. Probably because of the mascare. The lipstick made her lips bright red. "You're beautiful." I said; she looked down. "Thank you." She mumbled; she is really cute when she is shy. I opened the door of the car for her and we went to the party. A quarter later, we arrived. The party was at the house of one of my friends. There were already quite alot of people. "He Niall." I said to my friend and gave him a handshake. He has blonde hair and green eyes. Yes, he is in the soccer team of the school, but at least he is nice. Liam is alright but the others are jerks. "Who is that lovely lady over there?" He asked in his strong Irish accent. "Hi, I'm Susan." "I'm Niall. Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too." Said Susan smiling. "The drinks are over there." Said Niall poiting at a large table full of drinks. "Thanks." I said and Susan and I got ourselves a drink.

Zayn's p.o.v.:

I was at a party at Niall's house when suddenly Susan came in. She wasn't alone. She was with a guy of my class... James. I remembered the afternoon in the boys' bathroom with her. I know she liked it; yet she didn't spoke to me since then. "Yow, Harry. See that girl over there?" Harry (Styles) nodded. "Hang on, didn't you have sex with her?" "Yeah, what do you think of her?" "Not bad, mate. Not bad at all. Do you like her?" "I'm not sure. She's cool, but I don't know if I actually love her." I said, my hands in my pockets. "Just go for it, man. You already had sex with her so that should be easy." "Perhaps." I said; lifting my shoulders. Half an hour later, I took my chance. James was already drunk. "Wanna go outside?" I asked Susan. "Sure." She said giggling. You could tell she's a bit tipsy. Outside, we could talk without screaming. "I didn't know you were here too." I said. "Yeah, I'm not fond of parties but this one is cool." Susan layed her arms around my neck and kissed me. Suddenly, drunk ass James grabbed me and pushed my face against the wall. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" He yelled at me; hitting my face against the wall. "James, no! Stop it!" Screamed Susan; tears rolling down her face. "Get the fuck off my girl!" "She is not your girl, James! Everybody here knows that I had sex with her. Not you." I said; he hit my face against the wall again. I was bleeding. "Leave him alone, James." Louis (Tomlinson) said calm; rolling up his sleeves. My other mates of the soccer team gatherd around him. Everybody was watching us. He hit my face against the wall once more but then left Niall's house.

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