∞ Love

She Dropped Out Of School 'Cos She Don't Need The Grades ✨ She's Looking For A Teenage Dirtbag Baby Like You! ��


2. let's go out

Calum guided me into his room it was filled with pictures in the Corner of his room there was a tiny pic of me and it had the words 'Love' written on it. "Oh that I had a crush on you! I still do" he giggled. "Awe your so sweet" I smiled

Calum took of my black leather jacket. Then I pulled out my hairband. "You know I'm a virgin and I don't have to be" He smirked "Your not a fucking Virgin!" I protested "I am. I don't have to be though!" again he smirked. "Snap" I said. After Cal took of my jacket my blonde hair was swaying "wait a sec..." He squinted. He grabbed me tight and pulled of my T-shirt. My pink Lacey bra was the only thing on my top half. Then he took the elastic from my skirt and Un-tied it I was in a bra and knickers! He was in shorts. He pushed me onto the bed and started kissing me on the lips. He moved down to my neck his hand moving further down in the end he was kissing the top of my chest and his hands were rubbing my ass! He Un did my bra and we got Into the bed we were wearing nothing Calum slowly moved his hands to the centre of my thigh. He was kissing my stomach I was fluffing his hair and snogging his neck

I was on top of him. He pinned me down 'Uh!' Later on We were laying in bed and he said let's go out together as a couple! I said yes

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