∞ Love

She Dropped Out Of School 'Cos She Don't Need The Grades ✨ She's Looking For A Teenage Dirtbag Baby Like You! ��


1. ᕼE ᑕᗩᑌGᕼT ᗰY EYE!

•As I walked through my old school I saw someone with dark short hair and a grab-able ass•

•He looked at me and smiled, a song was replaying in my mind and I realised Calum Hood! He came over to me and I was overwhelmed I hadn't seen him since 8th Grade.

"Hi Blondie" He smirked

"Hi Rockstar" I giggled!

"I haven't seen you In ages" He Grabbed my waist

"I know you're even better looking now!" I joked (it was true though)

"Your Fucking Fit Darcy" He winked. Both hands were on my waist.

"Let's take this somewhere more private" he winked

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