1. Love

Love is a poisonous needle 
Which stabs you deep in the heart
And takes all your thoughts
Into this holy void
Where neither can you reach
Nor your lover.

Love is a vacant chair
But, my friend
Don't try to fill it here 
For it's soon going to end

Love is a a silent lullaby
So let it stay quiet
Don't make a sound
And gently pass,
Or else you'll wake up the hound
Who stays with you alas.

Love is an addictive vine
It lets your heart be filled
With all those useless unsolved riddles
Like a piece of cotton twilled.

Love is insobriety
You forget how to live.
It snatches away your tranquility
For you're engaged to someone
With all the fake promises.

Love is a starless night,
With only one star shining,
Shining so bright
Ignoring to drift away from your mind
You lose everything,
You lose your sight.

Love is a void,
Don't let yourself get trapped
In its holy fierceness 
Because it's going to slap
Hard on your face,
Rubbing all the lines 
Your palms have ever traced.

Love is something
I can't understand
Lead me the way
Or let alone stand
Watch the lovers dance
Under the winds of autumn
Watch the lovers prance
Prance away in their separate ways
And watch them realise 
That there're no more gay
In parting their own ways.

Love is a thoughtless beginning
But it soon ends
With all your thoughts pondering
In your sober inward eye
You wake up from your peaceful sleep
And you see that love has stolen
All you've ever had
And now everything's broken.

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