I Don't Know

My selection of poems about everything about everything- just a load of rubbish if I'm honest.
A poetry book. Updating regularly. Comments appreciated.

Cover by @MahoganyPumpkin


5. Parents Know Best

You don't let me speak, 

I can never have my say.

My hands twitch, emotions clearly on display. 

I want, no I need, to scream at you,  

That I have the right disagree.

Why don't you understand?


For something equally ignorant and stupid, 

You will shout and argue,

Over petty, petty matters, 

Motions of the last century.

Ideas long accepted in my generation,

Are always deemed wrong without explanation.

Why don't you understand?


There is a saying that,

Parents always know better and what is best.

Age can bring wisdom, 

But there is a small chance, 

A very-very-very small chance, 

That youth hold the key in their innocence,

To ideas, to nightmares maturity can't dream of. 

So take a step back and please for our sake, listen.


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