I Don't Know

My selection of poems about everything about everything- just a load of rubbish if I'm honest.
A poetry book. Updating regularly. Comments appreciated.

Cover by @MahoganyPumpkin


4. Mirroring- 29/12/14

There have been much to times when I make the mistake, 

of shakily giving a glance, 

Through a deceiving surface made, 

Of a square of fractured glass.

And what can I see?


I see a girl who thinks she's lucky to have turquoise wires permanently glued across her teeth,

I see a girl who has never noticed the scars dashed on her face and the stares people bring

 I see a girl who's happy not to be entirely blind in both her useless eyes,

I see a girl with her feet on the ground and head lodged forever in the skies, 

I see a girl pleased she has a old pen and notebook in her name,

I see a girl who, however much a mistake, will always accept the blame,

I see a girl unaffected by the world's displeased words and constant threats, 

I see a girl who knows that she's overly optimistic,

Who knows she will never reach her success,

Who knows she is different,

But still couldn't care less.


Tell me what do you see?





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